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Social Protection

The use of social protection systems to support vulnerable people is becoming increasingly common in developing countries, and can provide a channel through which cash and voucher assistance (CVA) can be delivered in times of crisis. But to do so effectively will require increased coordination between humanitarian and development actors and long term support.

Can social protection systems be a way to deliver cash and voucher assistance (CVA) more efficiently and effectively in a time of crisis?  Protracted and more frequent emergencies increase the need for better connections across humanitarian and development work.  Humanitarians these days often face long term, recurrent and chronic crises.  The use of social protection systems to support poor and vulnerable people is becoming increasingly common in developing countries and contributes to reduced vulnerability to crises.  Where and should the two be linked?

CaLP’s first State of the World’s Cash Report notes that the case for linking humanitarian CVA with social protection systems is becoming clearer but requires long-term technical and strategic support. The topic was adopted as a new sub-workstream during the 2018 Grand Bargain Cash Workstream meeting.

Current priorities

CaLP is exploring the potential of linking social protection policies and programming (SP) to humanitarian CVA and are working in close collaboration with the Grand Bargain sub-workstream and the Social Protection in Crisis group from Social Protection.Org.  This work includes:

  1. the commissioning of a high-level overview paper of the latest frameworks and practice to inform and make recommendation for future capacity building work and revision of the existing training;
  2. a ‘Crib Sheet’ of regional experience for future capacity building for MENA to highlight the needs and ways forward here;
  3. hosting and supporting further development of work by the British Red Cross and the GB leads to map relevant experiences and thinking.

Close collaboration with the GB subworking Group and SP in Crisis should help with the development of a common forum that brings together SP and CVA practitioners to encourage conversations about what might work, how and where in a more collective and strategic way.  Learning will be shared through blogs, podcasts, reports, webinars and face to face meetings.


Gender Implications of Cash Transfers in Malawi


CARE Malawi set out to identify the gendered implications of this cash programming and how participants’ experiences of cash transfers affected gender equality. Because of the large-scale cash response to Cyclone Idai in 2019—largely operated through international nongovernmental organizations...

20 May 2020

CVA in COVID-19 Contexts: Guidance from the CaLP network

Guidelines and Tools

This is a summary of the key points from the many resources you shared on CVA and COVID through this document. This is a living document and we will continue to update this summary as new resources are added. The below is intended to help organisations understand and prepare for likely impacts of COVID-19...

20 May 2020

COVID-19: A chance to empower citizens through social protection


Billions of US$ are now being distributed to citizens by governments to stave off deteriorating economic impact and rising poverty from COVID-19. The unprecedented pandemic demands an unprecedented government response. More than 126 countries have already introduced or adapted social protection or labour...

1 May 2020

Lessons learned and Opportunities: Linking SP systems to humanitarian cash in a pandemic


16 April 2020 / English

Connecting Humanitarian CVA with Government Social Safety Nets

Guidelines and Tools

The objectives of this document elaborated by the regional platform for Social Protection is to : Help actors at national level locate and analyse their countries in terms of context and systems; Identify key aspects to consider and guide national actors towards resources and tools; Support national...

15 April 2020

WVI Covid-19 and Cash and Voucher Programming Guidance

Guidelines and Tools

WVI Summary and operational Programming guidance Cash, Voucher Programming Modalities for effective and timely emergency preparedness, response, recovery towards financial resilience and social protection mechanism

2 April 2020

CCD Social Protection Working Group: Advocacy in response to COVID-19

Policy paper

The need for social protection in response to COVID-19: COVID-19 has an unprecedented impact globally in terms of access to and the capacity of healthcare systems to respond. The health crisis is yet to peak in many countries and in low income contexts, the concern is that its impact will be severe where...

April 2020

Tipsheet: CVA and social protection systems (COVID-19)

Guidelines and Tools

Building on the Covid-19 and CVA, the Payments and Digital Data Management, Door-to-Door Distributions and Group Distributions tipsheets, this fourth guidance note offers a brief summary on how to approach anticipated or planned scale up in government-led efforts to combat the economic impacts of Covid-19...

31 March 2020

Mercy Corps’ tipsheet No 4: CVA and Social Protection Systems

Guidelines and Tools

Mercy Corps’ Tipsheet 4 – CVA and Social Protection Systems

31 March 2020

CVA and Social Protection Part 1: Linking Humanitarian CVA and Social Protection: an Introduction


Welcome to CVA and Social Protection Part 1: Linking Humanitarian CVA and Social Protection: an Introduction. This 1 to 2 hour course offers an introduction to Social Protection, and a first look at the ways in which it can be linked to humanitarian cash assistance.

27 January 2020 / English / 2. Specialised