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Who we are

The CALP Network believes in collective action and transforming the humanitarian system. Together we seek to maximize the potential that humanitarian cash and voucher assistance can bring to people in contexts of crisis.

At CALP we believe that cash and voucher assistance (CVA) is the best way of supporting people affected by humanitarian crises and boosting local economies in most contexts of crisis. We believe that CVA enables people to overcome crises with dignity, by exercising choice and their right to self-determination.

Since its inception in 2005 CALP has been striving for CVA to become better, more people-centred and used more widely. We achieve this through research, thought-leadership, advocacy, influencing, training and much more besides. The CALP Network has played an instrumental role in advancing the use of CVA as an effective tool in humanitarian response.

Creating change in a complex environment can only be achieved when people and organizations work together: CALP collaborates on a global scale to shape the future direction of humanitarian cash assistance and strives to increase our impact through collective action.

As a network we convene a diverse variety of individuals, bodies and organizations – all of whom are united in the belief that people should be able to make their own choices in order to overcome humanitarian crises with dignity.

Our network includes our 90+ members: CALP members include local and international non-governmental organizations; United Nations agencies; the Red Cross/Crescent Movement; donors; specialist social innovation; technology and financial services companies; researchers and academics and individual practitioners. Collectively, CALP members deliver the vast majority of humanitarian CVA worldwide.

CALP functions as an autonomous organization in terms of decision making, governance, strategy and funding. CALP staff are hosted  by Action Against Hunger, Oxfam and the Norwegian Refugee Council who also provide support in terms of infrastructure and systems. The CALP team is based across the world, many working from key hubs and regional offices in Jordan, Kenya, Philippines, Senegal, UK and USA, with others working from home in other countries.

*In November 2021 we changed our name from ‘The Cash Learning Partnership (CaLP)’ to become ‘The CALP Network’ (or CALP for short). 

What we do

At CALP we convene, guide, influence and inspire. We do this with the ultimate purpose of maximizing the potential that humanitarian CVA can bring to people in contexts of crisis.  

🤝🏽 We convene and connect

CALP brings people together for improved collaboration, information sharing and decision making around CVA.

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📚 We inform and guide

CALP provides, strengthens and reinforces understanding of evidence and good practice relating to CVA. It demonstrates the transformative potential of CVA on the lives of people.

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✨ We inspire and challenge

CALP provokes people to think differently and challenge their engrained ideas in order to accelerate positive change.

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🎓 We educate and upskill

We practically support and develop humanitarians to have the knowledge, understanding and skills to deliver quality CVA. We help people to learn in a facilitated or self-guided way, alone or in groups.

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