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Cash 101: Cash and Voucher Assistance Explained

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About CALP’s Facilitated Training

Find out about CALP’s facilitated training offer, and how you can access it.

The CALP Network offers high quality and comprehensive training for professionals involved in Cash and Voucher Assistance (CVA). 

Facilitated training offers you the opportunity to learn alongside peers (online or face to face), be led by a qualified trainer and receive a final certificate of completion. By working alongside others and having the freedom to explore issues and ask questions as a group, learning can feel deeper and more meaningful.

What does the training cover?

You will be able to find an appropriate facilitated course, whatever your level of expertise. Newcomers to the field might be interested in the ‘CVA the Fundamentals’ course, whereas more experienced programme staff might wish to deepen their knowledge via the ‘Core CVA Skills for Programme Staff’ course.

You can also access specific training for CVA managers and logistics and finance staff, or thematic training around issues such as social protection, market assessments or monitoring.

Is the training face to face or online?

Facilitated training can be online or face to face. Learn about CALP’s range of face to face facilitated training here. If you’d rather access facilitated training from the comfort of your home or office, take a look at CALP’s flagship 12 week online facilitated ‘Core CVA Skills’ course.

Is all of CALP’s training led by a facilitator?

No. If you prefer a more independent approach to your learning, take a look at our self-directed online courses.

So, how can you access facilitated training?

There are two ways – you can register for a pre-arranged course (but spaces can be limited) OR you can organize your own CALP accredited training for you and your colleagues.


Further details below.

OPTION 1: Sign up to an upcoming course through our ‘Facilitated Training’ calendar 

You can access the schedule of facilitated training courses which have been organised by CALP and partners. Browse through the various up and coming learning opportunities and sign up to the course of your choice.

Is it free?

Sometimes we have funding to deliver courses, these tend to be free, thanks to our donors covering the costs of a training, but please check the individual course information, as occasionally we may require contributions to running costs. Organisations sending participants must cover their own associated costs, such as travel and accommodation. 

Some courses are organised by our Training Partners, who charge a fee to cover their costs. 

OPTION 2: Organise your own CALP-accredited training

You can easily arrange your own CALP-accredited training, be it through collaborating with your organisation, Cash Working Group (CWG) or a wider network of organisations in your region, 

CALP have a growing cohort of certified trainers globally, covering our 4 key languages, Arabic, English, French and Spanish, who are available for you to contact to deliver the course for you.

You can access our list of trainers by the courses available here – CALP Certified trainers. 

It is up to you / the organising party to discuss availability, times/dates of the training and to negotiate your own fees/contract with them. 

If you would like to organise your own training, but need support connecting with other organisations in your area, please contact any of CALP’s staff team below who can support you. 

Below you can download two useful documents, to help support you in this process:

  • Suggested timeline for organising your own training, including an example budget. 
  • Example Terms of Reference (TOR) for recruiting a CALP-certified trainer. 

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