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Cash Working Groups

A directory of cash working groups from around the globe organised by region.

A Cash Working Group (or Basic Needs Working Group in some responses) is a forum which facilitates the coordination of cash and voucher assistance within a humanitarian response. Functions of Cash Working Groups (CWGs) can include coordinating on issues such as transfer values, targeting, delivery mechanisms, MEB development, and harmonizing tools and guidance. CWGs might be established at both national and regional levels depending on the scope and scale of a response.

Cash Working Group – Regional/Global Focus

Americas Cash Working Groups

US & Canada

Holly Radice,

Steering Committee Members:

Benjamin Phillips,

Qundeel Khattak,

Darin Ottenhoff,

Cash Working Group-R4V

Web page:


Frequently asked questions


Latin America and the Caribbean CWG Leads’ meetings

Actas de reunión de líderes de GTM de las Américas

The regional CWG Leads meet every two months to share updates and discuss common thematic issues. (Invitation only)


Asia-Pacific Regional Cash Working Group

The Asia-Pacific Regional Cash Working Group is supported by a co-chairing arrangement between WFP, IFRC and OCHA.

Contact information

Daniel Gilman

Mulugeta HANDINO

Vlad Cozma

Additional information

East Africa Regional Cash Working Group

The Chair is Sapenzie Ojiambo, The two Co-Chairs are Sahara Ibrahim, and Hiba AbouSwaid,

Global Cash Working Group

The Global Cash Working Group (GCWG) is a platform for actors to collaborate and address key issues related to cash and voucher assistance (CVA). The GCWG seeks to link global cash initiatives and actors more systematically with evidence from and best practice in the field and the broader humanitarian system. 

MENA Regional Technical Forum

  • The platform focuses on sharing information and other key developments, including pieces of work and learnings from the MENA region.
  • In addition, four communities of practice focused on localization, MPC, social protection linkages, and health convene online to share learnings and develop common tools, or guidance notes.

Pacific Regional Cash Working Group (PRCWG)

The PRCWG seeks to strengthen collaboration on CVA in both disaster preparedness and response, as well as financial access & inclusion, social protection and other economic inclusion and/or market-based programming involving the transfer of cash or voucher payments to households.

West and Central Africa Regional Cash Working Group


All the WCAF regional Cash Working Group minutes and recordings are available here

Cash Working Group – Country Focus

Afghanistan Cash Working Group

Contact information

George Bete,

Additional information

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Contact information:

Secretariat: Red Cross Society of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Contact Person: Azra Bričić,


Burkina Faso


Rukiye Uysal
(Lead, CashCap hébergée par PAM)
E-mail :

Alpha Keita
(Co-lead, WFP )
E-mail :

Sarata J. Estelle KABORE
(Co-lead, CRS)
E-mail :

Central African Republic

Serge Arnaud Beremwoudougou WFP
Valerie Van Zutphen CONCERN
Claude Meuga OCHA
Ndo-Neting Zaboua Sogboua OCHA




Co-chair programmatique (OXFAM)

Hadaogo Yougbare

Co-chair non-programmatique (OCHA)

Miguel Serrano Palero


Democratic Republic of the Congo


Co-chair programmatique (Mercy Corps)

SANI Dan Aoude

Co-chair non-programmatique (OCHA)

Rickain Kalanda Lubo

Dominican Republic*



Egypt Basic Needs Working Group

CWG Lead: Alma Dozic


Click the link below for more information

El Salvador

Henry Montano, Lead:

Cristina Galvez, Lead:

Brenda Liliana de Cid, Co-lead:

Ludin Chavez, co-lead



Chair of the Ethiopian CWG: Tawil Ahmed Adel

Co-Chair: Serkalem Getachew

Co-Chair: Samson Muradzikwa  

Greece Cash Working Group

Click the link below for more information



Indonesia Cash Working Group

Contact information


Iraq Cash Forum

ICF Lead: Mireia Termes

ICF Co-Lead: Annette Savoca

Click the link below for more information

Jordan Basic Needs and Food Security Working Group


Click the link below for more information


Kenya Cash Working Group


Co-Chair: Peter Murgor, Kenya Red Cross Society,

Laos Cash Working Group

Contact information

Dale Wilson

Lebanon Basic Assistance Working Group

CWG Lead: Ruba Cheaib


Click the link below for more information

Libya Cash Working Group

CWG Lead: Mauro Clerici

Libya Cash Working Group is based in Tunisia.

Click the link below for more information


The government co-leads are Bruno Emmanuel Randriaharihaja, and Solofonirina Landry. The co-chairs are Elena Celada, and Solofonirina Claudia Rakotoarison,


The co-chair of the Malawi Cash Working Group is Kennedy Nyirenda




Nouakchott Fatimetou LAHWERTHI PAM
Moulaye Hassen Zeidane MEF


Abraham Gonzalez, Co-lead:


Co-chair: Ministry of Labour and Social Protection


Hanna Mattinen,


The co-chairs are Chiara Dara, WFP, (and Sanna Juntunen, WFP,, until August 2021) and Angelo Pontes, World Vision,

Myanmar Cash Working Group

Contact information

Thinthin Aye

John Nelson

Nepal Cash Coordination Group (CCG)

Occupied Palestinian Territory (or oPt) Cash Working Group

National Cash Coordinator : Luca Sangalli

Gaza Cash Coordinator: Ahmad Abu Shammaleh

Click the link below for more information

Pakistan Cash Working Group

Contact information

Chair: WFP: Sarah Torbey,

Co-Chair: FAO: Raja Jahangee,

Philippines Cash Working Group

Contact information

Maria Agnes Palacio:,

Additional information





Slovakia CWG

Led by Social Policy Department

co-lead by Ms. Elizabeth Barnhart

South Sudan

South Sudan Cash Working Group:

Co-lead David Thomas WFP
CWG Coordinator Mary Karanja IOM
Co-Lead Asar UL Haq SNFI Unit



Sudan Cash Working Group

Coordinator Nathalie Klein WFP
Ali Khazedar NRC
Zhou Tinomuzivashi Plan International

Syria Cash Working Group

Syria – Whole of Syria

CWG Advisor: Fe Kagahastian

Syria – Damascus based

CWG Lead: Mourad Khawaja

Syria – NWS

CWG Lead: Bihter Moschini


CWG Deputy Coordinator: Zuhair Hassoon


Click the link below for more information

Turkey Basic Needs Working Group

CWG Lead: Ahmet Unver


Click the link below for more information


Uganda Cash Working Group

Coordinator Stephan Deutscher WFP
Cash Based Interventions Associate Monther Alaff UNHCR
Coordinator Eunice Mwende WFP


Paul de Carvalho-Pointillart –



Ukraine Regional Cash Working Group - Refugee Situation


Vietnam Cash Working Group

Contact information

Van Nguyen

Thaianh Nguyen

Yemen Cash Working Group

CWG Adviser: Abdulrazzaq Saleh

CWG Adviser: Elsy Ghanameh

Click the link below for more information


The co-chairs of the Zimbabwe Cash Working Group are Debbie Gourlay, and Abel Whande,

Andreas Deuble,WFP

Clayton Mafuratidze, CARE