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Communities of Practice

This list includes active CVA-related groups that meet on a regular basis. Please use the information listed for each group to learn more and get engaged.


CALP Technical Advisory Group

The TAG helps shape and steer the CALP Network’s technical and policy priorities within the overall strategic vision for the network. All TAG Representatives are from CALP member organisations or are independent members of CALP. 

The Donor Cash Forum (DCF)

The Donor Cash Forum, established in 2019, is a space for donors to discuss and advance shared positions on key themes affecting cash transfers. The DCF emerged from the Good Humanitarian Donorship initiative and is currently comprised of representatives from Canada, Denmark, DG ECHO, Finland, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, the UK, and the US (BHA and BPRM).

Visit the Donor Cash Forum webpage for more information and key contacts.

Global Cash Working Group

The Global Cash Working Group (GCWG) is a platform for actors to collaborate and address key issues related to cash and voucher assistance (CVA). The GCWG seeks to link global cash initiatives and actors more systematically with evidence from and best practice in the field and the broader humanitarian system. 

Thematic groups 

Cash and Locally Led Response Working Group

Originating in the Grand Bargain work, this group aims to align the work of the CVA actors and the broader localization agenda.

CVA, Environment and Climate Change Community of Practice

The group is a space for discussion and experience sharing amongst organisations interested in the linkages between CVA and the fight against environmental degradation and climate change.


Group Cash Transfers Working Group

This group focuses on building understanding of, resourcing for, increased uptake of and systematic learning on GCTs among humanitarian stakeholders as a method to center, reach and include marginalized people and maximize their agency and capacities.

Focal points:

Key resource: Group Cash Transfers

SPIAC-B Working Group on Linking Humanitarian (Cash) Assistance and Social Protection

The Social Protection Interagency Cooperation Board (SPIAC-B) Working Group on Linking Humanitarian (Cash) Assistance and Social Protection is co-led by the IFRC, UNICEF and FCDO. The working group’s overall aim is to contribute to strengthening the links between humanitarian assistance and social protection, with cash transfers as the entry point.

Visit the working group’s webpage for more information.

Please reach out with any ideas and questions relating to the SPIAC-B working group: Charlotte Bilo,


Global Education Cluster Cash Task Team

Global Food Security Cluster Cash and Markets Working Group (CMWG)

The CMWG’s purpose is to facilitate and support the mainstreaming of CVA and other market-based approaches in the food security sector in close coordination with other clusters and cash and market working groups.

Global Health Cluster Cash-based Interventions Task Team

This group was established to facilitate partners’ engagement in developing position papers and practical guidance on cash-based interventions in humanitarian contexts and their implications for the health sector.

Global Protection Cluster Task Team on Cash for Protection

The aim of the task team is to increase knowledge about the use of CVA in the protection sector and increasing the effectiveness and quality of programmes using CVA to achieve protection outcomes.

Global WASH Cluster’s Markets Technical Working Group (TWiG)

The main objective of the group is to is to strengthen the GWC members’ understanding of and engagement with market-based approaches, as well as to explore and build evidence on market-based approaches in WASH.

Nutrition and Cash and Voucher Assistance Global Thematic Working Group

This group within the Global Nutrition Cluster aims to generate interest in CVA and nutrition outcomes and promote exchanges between relevant sectors and actors at the country, regional and global level particularly through knowledge management, capacity strengthening and advocacy.

Shelter and Cash Working Group

This group within the Global Shelter Cluster works to develop guidance, strengthen capacities, provide technical and surge support, and facilitate coordination and representation in policy discussions.