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Cash Assistance IS working in Gaza, despite the skepticism: Here’s why

Blog Post

Manal Shehade, who has over 10 years of experience in development and humanitarian across the occupied Palestinian territories and internationally, explains why cash has surprised the experts.

3 July 2024

Humanitarian Guidance for the 2024 Atlantic Hurricane season

Blog Post

Here are three actions you can take to prepare for the 2024 Atlantic hurricane season, alongside key tools to support them.

1 July 2024

Lost in translation: Unlocking the potential of private sector partnerships in cash assistance

Blog Post

Humanitarians and payment companies working together can design products and services that meet the needs of crisis-affected people. However, could a lack of understanding between humanitarian organisations and payment companies be hindering innovation?

10 June 2024

Local leadership is what it took to make a CVA breakthrough in Sudan

Blog Post

When it came to the cash distribution in Sudan, local actors’ understanding of the target neighbourhood contexts and fast changing dynamics were central to success. Without local leadership there would have been no way forward for effective cash programming in Khartoum. NIDAA’s Sara Elgieli and...

28 March 2024

Increasing the use of cash – part of the answer to humanitarian funding cuts?

Blog Post

CALP’s Director Karen Peachey argues that in the face of humanitarian funding cuts we need to be using the most cost-efficient tools available to us – and that cash fits the bill. 

2 February 2024

Is Cash the Key to More People Centred Aid?


In this episode we ask what people-centered aid looks like in practice, particularly when we think about cash and voucher assistance? With our three guests, we explore if people centred aid is different or is just a new buzz-phrase. Most importantly we explore the role cash could play in achieving more...

Can Cash Make the Humanitarian System More Accountable?


In this episode we explore accountability issues within the humanitarian system, their root causes and potential solutions. We ask if cash and voucher assistance has a part to play in improving accountability, and what that could look like.

Is Large-scale Cash Compatible with Locally Led Response?


In this episode, we challenge the idea that locally led response and large-scale CVA are incompatible. We explore the myths around local actors and the barriers to further progress.

Will New Technologies Help Deliver More and Better Cash?


Technology brings new opportunities, risks, and dilemmas for the humanitarian system. In this episode, we explore these issues, and question whether the combination of technology and cash could bring transformative change and finally make aid more people-centered.

What is stopping cash from transforming humanitarian aid?


Over six episodes, Series 2 of CashCast explores what’s holding humanitarian cash assistance back from reaching its full potential: Where has change flourished or faltered? And what can we do about it? Together, with our seven fascinating guests, we delve into issues around CVA transformative change,...

Can Cash Change the Humanitarian System?


In this episode we reflect on how far cash has changed the humanitarian system. We question whether it has lived up to early expectations or whether the system is using cash without fundamentally changing. What's needed to make the humanitarian system better at responding to needs and preferences of...

Cash – How Can We Unlock its Real Potential?


In receny years, cash has been changing the humanitarian system, but how have these shifts truly impacted the people affected by crisis? And what changes need to happen if cash is going to reach its full potential? In this episode, we embark on an eye-opening journey with our dynamic duo of guests, Meg...

The State of the World's Cash Press Release

Humanitarian cash assistance at a crossroads, warns new report


Press release: The State of the World's Cash 2023

CVA Update: Emergencies in Libya and Morocco

Blog Post

Amidst recent natural disasters in Morocco and Libya, we interview Rana Nassar, CALP’s Regional Representative in the Middle East and North Africa region, to understand the challenges and responses in these crisis-stricken regions.

26 September 2023

Rethinking vulnerability, fairness, and CVA targeting – what if we let people decide?

Blog Post

While it is common practice to ask people affected by crisis whether they prefer cash assistance, in-kind, or another aid modality, people are rarely consulted when it comes to aid duration, coverage, or transfer value. This blog argues that engaging with affected communities on these issues could allow...

19 September 2023

Four Reasons to Use a Route-Based Approach to Cash and Voucher Assistance

Blog Post

With human mobility being a fact of most humanitarian crises, is it time to change from a country to a route-based approach? With four key points, Holly Welcome Radice argues the time for a route-based approach has arrived. 

13 September 2023

In conversation with humanitarians: Are we doing enough to put people in crisis first?

Blog Post

We interviewed Heba and Santosh, to hear their views about involving recipients in the design and implementation of humanitarian cash and voucher assistance. Well worth a read!

3 August 2023

Making cash people centred: Practical advice from IFRC

Blog Post

IFRC has put together a short online course for humanitarian practitioners highlighting the role of Community Engagement in Cash and Voucher Assistance. Providing a sneak-peak into some of the course content, they’ve summarised their top-line advice for making cash people-centred throughout the...

4 July 2023

What does the Grand Bargain 3.0 mean for Cash and Voucher Assistance?


A summary of the latest developments on the Grand Bargain, and what they mean for humanitarian cash and voucher assistance.

Statement from Sarah Charles, the Assistant to the Administrator of USAID’s Bureau for Humanitarian Assistance (BHA) on the policy process to renew and refresh our CVA policy commitments

Bureau for Humanitarian Assistance statement: The need for a humanitarian policy refresh


Statement from Sarah Charles, the Assistant to the Administrator of USAID’s Bureau for Humanitarian Assistance (BHA) on the policy process to renew and refresh our CVA policy commitments