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The latest views and analysis from experts in cash and voucher assistance (CVA) and related topics.

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Microlearning video: CVA and Gender

Blog Post

This video provides an overview of the relationship between gender and cash and voucher assistance (CVA) structured around the humanitarian project cycle, which include: Assessment and response analysis: How to adjust the assessment processes  to achieve a more accurate reflection of gender and...

8 March 2023

How are humanitarians using AI tools like Chat GPT?

Blog Post

We asked nine of our LinkedIn followers how they used Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools for humanitarian purposes. The range of uses was remarkable to say the least....

20 February 2023

Musical Money Messages – Mobile Innovation from Mercy Corps

Blog Post

We don’t usually put music, quizzes and voice messages in the same category as effective humanitarian cash and voucher assistance (CVA). So, our interest was piqued when Mercy Corps won USAID’s ‘2022 Digital Development Award’ for a human-centered program which used songs, games, and quizzes sent...

9 February 2023

Changes to US and UN economic sanctions may simplify CVA implementation

Blog Post

Recent changes to the UN and US economic sanctions regimes promise to improve cash transfer process across international borders, but changes might not be as quick or comprehensive as we would hope. We put eight questions to Rory Crew, who has looked into the matter for you.  

17 January 2023

Lady counting money in Niger where thousands forced to flee July 2022

Why you need a plan A, B and C: Using cash in hard-to-reach contexts

Blog Post

Cash and Voucher Assistance (CVA) can be a valuable response choice in hard-to-reach areas, but it must be properly adapted to context with sufficient investment given to preparedness. Mirko Tommasi explains how preparing multiple plans, being flexible and ready to change plans fast and frequently is...

16 January 2023

Community based targeting: The ‘best-worst’ thing for limited humanitarian resources?

Blog Post

A recent blog by Development Pathways argued that Community Based Targeting (CBT) posed a risk to social stability. Whilst acknowledging the risks, the article below asserts that transitioning from CBT is not immediately possible, and in that light, provides a checklist and additional resources for...

16 January 2023

Cash actors have the power to mitigate GBV – here are six ways to do it

Blog Post

Cash actors play an important role in providing assistance that helps to save lives and increases resilience. But it’s also our responsibility to carefully consider any possible Gender-Based Violence (GBV) risks that cash and voucher assistance (CVA) could create for women* who receive it. While there...

5 December 2022

Making CVA humanitarian assistance work better – seven big themes for 2023

Blog Post

With 2022 coming to an end, it’s time reflect on what’s been happening in the world of Cash and Voucher Assistance (CVA) and look ahead at the big-ticket issues to tackle in 2023.

5 December 2022

You asked, we acted: Lots going on in the Americas on CVA and Social Protection


Sometimes it’s good to pause and take stock and realise just how much progress is being made! Responding to clear demand, in recent months, we’ve been working with many of you to refresh and develop resources on linkages between CVA and social protection. Lots has been achieved drawing on the...

Eight top tips for the 2023 humanitarian planning season

Blog Post

As disasters spiral globally and inflation increasing vulnerability for millions more, effective humanitarian planning has never been so important. But where to start? The CALP Network offers its top tips for humanitarians, ranging from CVA practitioners to leadership.

18 October 2022

Mareya Ibrahim, a cash transfer beneficiary, is able to buy groceries.

The changing landscape of cash preparedness: Time to adjust

Blog Post

When drought strikes, we’d all like to see money flowing seamlessly, at the push of a button, from donors, through the system and onto communities in crisis. As we call for change, we need to understand what is possible and the hills that still need to be climbed.

4 October 2022

Episode 8: CVA- catching up with people on the move in the Americas


In this episode we explore with experts the topic of humanitarian responses in contexts of human mobility. We discuss the challenges as well as the opportunities and innovations that exist when it comes toto effectively delivering recipient centered CVA in the Americas. 

This is not a drill: Cash and human mobility

Blog Post

In this blog Paula Gil Baizan presents three new lenses through which we can view human mobility. She outlines how these lenses intersect with Cash and Voucher Assistance with a particular focus on the Americas.

26 September 2022

Message from the Chair


Anissa Toscano


Cash Policy Commitments and Getting Over Humps

Blog Post

Amos Doornbos explores what the Grand Bargain means for Cash and Voucher Assistance and what changes are still needed. This blog is a more detailed version of a piece originally published on ‘This is Amos’.

19 July 2022

CALP’s flagship course materials have just been updated


‘CVA – The Fundamentals’ and ‘Core CVA Skills for Programme Staff’ are CALP’s flagship courses which aim to build on the CVA related knowledge and skills of humanitarian practitioners.  They have recently been updated.

Is mobile money preferred by cash recipients in refugee response?

Blog Post

The message from cash recipients in Uganda is clear – they have a strong preference for receiving cash via mobile money. These are the findings from a study by U-Learn and the Uganda Inter-Agency Cash Working Group (CWG) conducted last year spanning 13 refugee settlements and 12 refugee-hosting...

30 June 2022

Episode 7: How can we use cash and voucher assistance to support universal health goals?


In episode 7, we discuss how health needs, and the provision of health services, in humanitarian response works and where using Cash and Voucher Assistance (CVA) may help.  What we know already is that CVA may be used for health outcomes but giving cash via Multi-Purpose Cash Assistance (MPCA) via the...

People with disabilities withdrawing cash

People with disabilities face 10-40% higher costs – does CVA account for this?

Blog Post

Research tells us that people with disabilities face on average higher costs to reach the same standards of living as people without disabilities. In this blog Dr. Manuel Rothe asks what we know from humanitarian responses about these extra costs and how they affect the ability of people with disabilities...

11 May 2022

Episode 6 of the CashCast

Episode 6: Are we ready to use cash and voucher assistance to prepare for crises in Latin America and the Caribbean?


In this 6th episode we explore this question with experts on the subject about the potential benefits of linking social protection and humanitarian CVA for preparedness; and how, from examples in the region, we can unpack the challenges, enablers, barriers, and opportunities to use the modalities in this...