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The CALP Network’s purpose is to maximise the potential that humanitarian CVA can bring to people in contexts of crisis, as one component of broader financial assistance. CALP envisions a future where people are enabled to overcome crises with dignity, by exercising choice and their right to self-determination in order to achieve long term well-being. Our role as a collective is to optimise the quality and scale of humanitarian CVA by generating alignment in the approaches and actions of those within and across our network.

Increasing impact through collective action

We are proud to share with you the CALP Network’s strategy for 2020-2025 – the culmination of seven-months of consultation with over 450 people across the world. Together, we have designed a strategy for the CALP Network – recognising that collective action is critical if we are to achieve the change that is both needed and possible.

Five areas of strategic focus

To support our purpose, we have five interlinked areas of strategic focus:

Area 1: Foster collaboration for more effective and sustainable humanitarian CVA that better meets the needs of people living in contexts of crisis.

Area 2: Become an effective global network for the CVA system, inspired by improving outcomes for people in contexts of crisis.

Area 3: Strengthen evidence-based policy and action in order to transform humanitarian CVA.

Area 4:
Provide thought-leadership on emerging issues likely to affect humanitarian CVA, mindful of the links to broader financial assistance.

Area 5:
Continue to expand the skills and knowledge required to deliver quality, sustainable humanitarian CVA, at scale.


This strategy requires a willingness to innovate and to take risks in order to imagine a different future. It also requires collaborative, visionary and creative leadership from across the CALP Network.

This strategy builds on what CALP does well – pushing for even better use of evidence, scanning the horizon and providing thought leadership and continuing to expand skills and knowledge.  The biggest change is not what will be done, but how we can achieve more though greater collective action. The strategy will be phased in, with a steady evolution as we learn how to work better as a network to achieve more.