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Programme Quality Toolbox

The Programme Quality Toolbox (PQT) is intended to support quality Cash and Voucher Assistance (CVA) programming by making it easy to explore and select the best available CVA-related guidance and tools. It consists of a set of common standards and related actions for quality CVA, organized according to stages of the CVA programme cycle. Each action is supported by a set of carefully curated guidelines and ready-to-use tools to enable quality CVA.



The CVA programme is actively coordinated via relevant strategic, technical and operational fora, as well as with national systems of social protection.

Terminology and Tracking

Terminology is used consistently throughout the programme in accordance with the CALP Network's Glossary and activities are tracked and reported in line with relevant data standards.


Organisational Preparedness

The implementing agency assesses and invests in organisational capacity to deliver quality CVA programmes.

Programmatic Preparedness

Relevant CVA assessments are undertaken pre-crisis, prioritizing collaborative assessment initiatives where feasible and appropriate.

Partnership Preparedness

Establish formal, equitable partnerships with relevant stakeholders in a timely manner.

Situation Analysis

Needs Assessment

Sufficient and suitably disaggregated information is gathered to effectively assess needs and preferences of affected communities, prioritizing collaborative assessment initiatives where feasible and appropriate.

Market Assessment

Functionality and accessibility of critical market systems is assessed.

Financial Service Provider (FSP) Assessment

Potential payment solutions are assessed, including FSP options for delivery, supporting infrastructure and regulatory environment.

Risk and Opportunity Assessment

Risks and opportunities related to the implementation of CVA programmes are identified, assessed and suitably mitigated.

Response Analysis

Market Analysis

Response analysis includes a suitable analysis of market system access and functionality, to inform appropriate interventions using and supporting local markets.

Vulnerability Analysis

Response analysis includes suitable analysis of vulnerabilities present among people affected by crisis, for incorporation in the needs assessment.

Appropriateness and Feasibility Analysis

Response analysis includes a suitable analysis of CVA feasibility and appropriateness in the given operational context.

Programme Design

Selecting/Developing Project Indicators

Sufficient, appropriate programmatic, market and risk indicators are defined and incorporated in a central programme monitoring plan.


CVA-specific considerations are included when determining an effective and transparent targeting approach.

Transfer Value, Frequency and Duration

Transfers are designed to maximize programme efficiency and effectiveness, bearing in mind budgetary and contextual constraints, as well as opportunities to link with national systems of social protection.

Delivery Mechanism and Data Management

Suitable delivery mechanism(s) are identified and related FSP contracts in place to support timely and effective delivery of CVA, whilst ensuring suitable management of recipient data.


Registration and Data Protection

Establish systems for registration and identification of CVA recipients, informed by principles, policies and best practices on the protection of personal data.


The process for delivering CVA is clearly documented and remains effective throughout the programme, including sufficient, appropriate evidence being gathered to demonstrate compliance with donor and/or agency requirements.

End of Implementation

A suitable exit strategy is established and enacted, including measures to sustain programme outputs and outcomes, as well as mitigate associated data protection risks.

Participation and Accountability

Risks and opportunities related to participation by and accountability to affected populations are mitigated and maximized respectively


Market Monitoring

Markets are regularly monitored, and requisite adaptive action taken on a timely basis.

Process, Output and Outcome

Programme processes, outputs and outcomes are regularly monitored, and requisite adaptive action taken on a timely basis.

Risk Monitoring

Risks are regularly monitored, and requisite adaptive action taken on a timely basis.


Overall Evaluation

CVA programmes are systematically evaluated, with results being suitably disseminated and used to enhance quality of future CVA programmes.