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Cash – How Can We Unlock its Real Potential?

In receny years, cash has been changing the humanitarian system, but how have these shifts truly impacted the people affected by crisis? And what changes need to happen if cash is going to reach its full potential? In this episode, we embark on an eye-opening journey with our dynamic duo of guests, Meg Sattler and Innocent Tshilombo.

7 December 2023

In this second episode of Series 2 of CashCast, we shift to the perspectives of people on the receiving end of cash to reflect on what is and what is not working. Our guests bring us their analysis based on many years of experience. Innocent brings his perspective as both a recipient of cash assistance and as a humanitarian professional.

Together, Meg and Innocent take us in a journey of evidence and practical experiences from cash recipients around the world, exploring how the humanitarian system has responded to their needs and concerns. They reflect on key issues that need to be addressed if cash is going to deliver its transformational promises.

“We’re still seeing people selling their aid en masse, you know, to buy other forms of aid.” Meg Sattler.

“People are not yet empowered at 100%. They are empowered partially, let’s say at 10%, 20%, because currently cash voucher assistance is just implemented for a fraction of what is being provided as aid.” Innocent Tshilombo.

Let’s dive in!

CashCast is an occasional podcast from the CALP Network that looks in depth at the critical debates in humanitarian cash and voucher assistance (CVA).


Karen Peachey

Karen joined CALP in early 2017 and became the Director in April 2018. She has worked in both development and humanitarian contexts since the 1990s. Among many other things, Karen has a keen interest in networks, the power of collective action, and how systems change happens.



Meg Sattler

Meg is a Humanitarian Aid consultant specialising in Accountability to Affected Populations. Currently the Director at, Ground Truth Solutions, she has also held senior roles with OCHA, UNICEF, the Start and CDAC Networks and the UN World Food Programme.

Innocent Tshilombo

Innocent is a humanitarian whose experience as a refugee has strongly informed his perspectives. He is the founder of Kakuma Ventures in the camp and in 2020/2021 he pursued his Master’s in humanitarian action at the Geneva Centre of Humanitarian Studies.