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Cash 101: Cash and Voucher Assistance Explained

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Webinar series: Exploring linkages between Cash and Voucher Assistance and Social Protection in West and Central Africa

15 February 2024

There was a lot of buzz on the need to link humanitarian assistance to social protection (SP) systems, especially during the COVID pandemic. The linkage should encompass various contexts from stable well-organised states, preferred context by development and social protection stakeholders, to conflict environments and fragile states, that humanitarian know well. So where are we today in the West and Central Africa region?  

How do both humanitarian and development stakeholders concretely work together to answer both the needs and rights of the population?  Are Cash and Voucher Assistance and social transfers still valid entry points to shape and strengthen the Social Protection Policy? What are the levers in different contexts and how can linkages be facilitated across the programme cycle? 

The webinar series will unpack those questions with all key stakeholders, based on the learnings from West and Central Africa. 

The first webinar will provide a comprehensive regional overview, exploring opportunities and threats in the regional context. The following two webinars will then focus on country case studies. The agendas and the dates for the two following webinars will be shared later. 

📅 When: 15 February 2024 at 12h GMT


  • Introductory presentation on the framing of linking humanitarian CVA to social protection (The CALP Network)  
  • Presentation of the regional World Bank report ” Linking Humanitarian Cash Assistance and National Social Protection Systems” to provide a general regional overview. (Corinna Kreidler, independent consultant)  
  • Panel discussion with 4 panelists from: the CCD Network, DG ECHO, UN (WFP/UNICEF) and the World Bank. 
  • Wrap up and conclusions. 







Cash 101: Cash and Voucher Assistance Explained

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