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Social Protection

The use of social protection systems to support vulnerable people is becoming increasingly common in developing countries, and can provide a channel through which cash and voucher assistance (CVA) can be delivered in times of crisis. But to do so effectively will require increased coordination between humanitarian and development actors and long term support.

Protracted and more frequent emergencies increase the need for better connections across humanitarian and development work. Where appropriate, it can be more effective and efficient to assist crisis-affected populations through social protection systems.

Le CALP Network’s State of the World’s Cash Report notes that the case for linking humanitarian CVA with social protection systems is becoming clearer but requires long-term technical and strategic support. The topic was adopted as a new sub-workstream during the 2018 Grand Bargain Cash Workstream meeting.

Current priorities

To determine how best to contribute and add value to wider work on this topic, le CALP Network has undertaken a light touch scoping exercise to explore and analyse these issues. Outputs from this will be used to inform future planning.

In collaboration with the Regional Social Protection Working Group, le CALP Network is also helping to coordinate the development of a learning agenda on linking humanitarian assistance and social protection in the MENA region.