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Protection and Cash and Voucher Assistance

How can Cash and Voucher Assistance (CVA) support protection outcomes? Please find a brief summary below, and for the very latest information, refer to the Global Protection Cluster Task Team on Cash for Protection.

The Protection Sector is concerned with the safety, dignity and rights of people affected by disaster or armed conflict and comprises four areas of responsibility – Child Protection, Gender-Based Violence, Mine Action, and Housing, Land and Property. Protection activities may involve preventive actions that aim to stop, prevent or alleviate the worst effects of abuses, remedial actions to help people recover, and environment-building actions to create or consolidate an environment conducive to full respect for the rights of individuals and groups.

CVA is used to address a range of household and individual protection needs. This includes cash assistance for basic needs for persons with special requirements and acute vulnerabilities, single parents with multiple dependents, unaccompanied minors, persons with disabilities, survivors of violence and other categories of people deemed at heightened protection risk. CVA might also be used as part of a sexual and gender based violence (SGBV) prevention and response, and to support displaced people by assisting voluntary return.

Global Protection Cluster logoFor further information and resources, visit the GPC Task Team on Cash for Protection page on the Global Protection Cluster website.

Credit: Giulio d’Adamo/WFP
Coupled with the existing challenges of extreme poverty, underdevelopment and climate change in the Lake Chad region, Boko Haram violence has led to one of the most acute – and sorely neglected – humanitarian crises in the world.
 Giulio d’Adamo/WFP