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Case Study

Community Insight Survey for Cash-Based Programs in Afghanistan

February 2024 — By Cash and Voucher Working Group Afghanistan

The Community Insight Survey for Cash-Based Programs by iMMAP Inc. in Afghanistan provides critical insights into the effectiveness of cash-based humanitarian assistance in the country. Conducted across diverse regions of Afghanistan, the survey highlights the positive impact of cash assistance on household well-being, while also identifying significant gaps in meeting basic needs, particularly in food, healthcare, and education. A key finding of the survey is the challenge of heating in winter, leading to a heightened demand for assistance. The survey reveals varied preferences for the type and frequency of cash assistance, underscoring the need for flexible program designs. However, concerns regarding security, exploitation, and data privacy are prevalent, indicating a necessity for improved cash distribution mechanisms. The report recommends customized aid programs, enhanced communication strategies, integrated support services, and robust security measures. It also emphasizes the importance of economic empowerment initiatives alongside direct aid. This study serves as a crucial guide for optimizing aid effectiveness and addressing the multifaceted needs of vulnerable populations in Afghanistan.