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COVID-19: Invest now in cash/voucher-social protection scale-up or children pay the price later


Read the article here. Only socially accountable Social Protection Assistance beyond humanitarian cash/voucher programmes – if properly and quickly implemented – will protect generations of children from the aftershocks of COVID-19. Despite cash and voucher transfers becoming the tool of choice of...

25 June 2020

المساعدات النقدية والقسائم وكوفيد-19: تقييم السوق عن بُعد ومراقبته

Blog Post

بينما يقوم العملون الميدانيون بتكييف برامجهم مع كوفيد-19، يقوم الزملاء عبر أعضائنا ومجموعات العمل النقدي بتحديد تحديات متعددة. تعمل شبكة CALP مع الآخرين لتطوير سلسلة من...

22 June 2020

Les transferts monétaires & COVID-19 : Évaluation et suivi des marchés à distance

Blog Post

Alors que les praticiens sur le terrain adaptent leurs programmes au Covid-19, des collègues parmi nos membres et Groupes de Travail sur les Transferts Monétaires identifient un grand nombre de défis. L’objectif de cette série de vidéos conçues est de partager les stratégies pratiques et les...

22 June 2020

CVA & COVID-19: Remote Market Assessment and Monitoring

Blog Post

As field practitioners adapt their programmes to COVID-19, colleagues across our membership and Cash Working Groups are identifying multiple challenges. The CALP Network is working with others to develop a series of short, field-focused recommendations for such practitioners. The purpose of this series is...

22 June 2020

Introduction to Market Based Programming in Emergency WASH

Webinar recording

The recordings of webinar are available in English , Spanish, French, and Arabic. The webinar was co-hosted by the Global WASH Cluster, PRO-WASH and the CALP Network in May and June 2020. The webinar introduced how market based programming can be used in emergency WASH, provide an overview of...

June 2020

Examples and Good Practices on the Use of Multi-Purpose Cash in the Food Security Sector

Guidelines and Tools

This global Food Security Cluster (gFSC) document was produced by the Cash and Markets Working Group (CMWG) to highlight the role and engagement of food security actors through different country experiences and good practices.
In recent years, multi-purpose cash (MPC) has been adopted more widely to...

1 June 2020

Les transferts monétaires dans le contexte du COVID-19 : conseils du réseau le CALP Network

Guides et outils

Voici un résumé des points clés des nombreuses ressources que vous avez partagées sur les transferts monétaires et le COVID par le biais de ce document. Il s’agit d’un document évolutif et nous continuerons à mettre à jour ce résumé au fur et à mesure que de nouvelles ressources seront...

29 May 2020

Introduction à la programmation basée sur les marchés dans les interventions humanitaires WASH


14 May 2020 / English

La programación basada en el mercado para el sector del agua, saneamiento e higiene


7 May 2020 / Español

Introduction to Market Based Programming in Emergency WASH


29 April 2020 / English

External Evaluation of SDC/HA Emergency Cash Pilot For Earthquake Affected Households in Bubq, Albania


In November 2019, Albania was hit by a large earthquake with a magnitude of 6.4, causing 51 people to lose their lives and injuring 913 people. Around 47,000 additional people were directly affected by the earthquake. The Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) immediately deployed a rapid...

15 April 2020

Cash Feasibility Assessment for NorthWest Syria


The objective of this cash feasibility assessment for northwest Syria is to provide evidence-based, structured analysis of the various dimensions that make cash and vouchers interventions feasible. The primary audience for this document are all the organizations either currently involved in cash-based...

7 April 2020

Asistencia Humanitaria a Familias Severamente Afectadas por la Sequía en el Corredor Seco de Honduras – Documento de Sistematización


El siguiente documento busca evidenciar la experiencia del proyecto “Asistencia humanitaria a familias severamente afectadas por la sequía en el Corredor Seco de Honduras”, financiado por la Oficina para la Asistencia de Desastres en el Extranjero de la Agencia de los Estados Unidos para el...

6 April 2020

Statement on Likely Impacts of COVID-19 on Humanitarian Cash Transfers in Yemen


The COVID-19 pandemic has now spread to the Middle East. Countries across the region are imposing measures to prevent further spread of the virus. Currently there are no confirmed cases in Yemen, but it is highly likely that COVID-19 will eventually reach the country. Organizations are shifting funding...

April 2020

Evaluación Rápida del Impacto Socioeconómico de COVID-19 en los Mercados Locales en Colombia


El 11 de marzo de 2020, la Organización Mundial de la Salud (OMS) declaró la propagación del Coronavirus (COVID-19) como una pandemia; un día después, el Ministerio de Salud y Protección Social (MinSalud) de Colombia declaró una emergencia sanitaria en el país, adoptando medidas de cuarentena para...

1 April 2020

MERS Guidance in Response to COVID-19

Guidelines and Tools

Markets play a critical role in how people survive, as well as being physical places where people meet to buy and sell goods. As COVID-19 disrupts the normal activities and relationships of communities we can look to the Minimum Economic Recovery Standards for some guidance on what to do. Now, when social...

30 March 2020

PTM en contextos afectados por COVID-19: orientación desde la red la CALP Network

Guía y herramientas

En este documento se presenta un resumen de los puntos clave emanados de la variedad de recursos compartidos por ustedes respecto a PTM y COVID. Este es un documento vivo y continuaremos actualizando este resumen a medida que se agreguen nuevos recursos.  Lo siguiente pretende ayudar a las organizaciones...

30 March 2020

Sphere: Humanitarian Standards and Coronavirus 2020

Guidelines and Tools

Coronavirus is spreading globally. How can individuals, communities,
humanitarian actors, local and national authorities best respond to uphold the rights of all affected people?

26 March 2020

ICRC – Implications de la pandémie COVID-19 sur les transferts monétaires : Conseils et recommandations

Guides et outils

Cette liste de recommandations sert à aider les équipes terrain à réfléchir aux différentes manières d’:
1) éviter que nos transferts monétaires contribuent à propager le COVID-19 ;
2) orienter l’adaptation de nos transferts monétaires dans le cadre de la pandémie COVID-19;
3) anticiper...

21 March 2020