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Ecuador CCD Multi-Sectorial Needs Assessment


Ecuador CCD Multi-Sectorial Needs Assessment Key Findings and Advocacy Messages High food insecurity amongst Venezuelan population: 50% had experience moderate to severe hunger in the past months. 23% of PLW had experienced sever hunger. Important proportion of Venezuelans living in public spaces,...

1 October 2018

Informe de Evaluación Rápida de Mercados (RAM) – Pedernales, Ecuador, Terremoto 16 de abril 2016


Este análisis se enfocó principalmente en un producto – la caña guadua. Este producto se seleccionó, ya que dado sus características sismo-resistentes se prevé un posible aumento en la demanda de caña guadua para la construcción, reparación y reforzamiento de viviendas en las zonas afectadas....

5 December 2016

Examining Protection and Gender in Cash and Voucher Transfers – Report


With cash and voucher transfers increasing as a form of humanitarian assistance, the World Food Programme (WFP) and the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) teamed up to study the potential protection and gender impact of such transfers. While much research had been done about economic and market impacts of cash and...


Enhancing WFP’s Capacity and Experience to Design, Implement, Monitor, and Evaluate Vouchers and Cash Transfer Programmes: Study summary


With support from the Government of Spain, and in partnership with the World Food Programme (WFP), researchers from the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) evaluated four pilot projects to assess the comparative performance of cash transfers, food payments, and vouchers on household food...


Cash, Food, or Vouchers? Evidence from a randomized experiment in Northern Ecuador


The debate over whether to provide food assistance and the form that this assistance should take has a long history in economics. Despite the ongoing debate, little rigorous evidence exists that compares food assistance in the form of cash versus in-kind. This paper uses a randomized evaluation in...

December 2012

How Effective are Cash Transfer Programmes at Improving Nutritional Status?


Cash transfer programmes are a widely applied social protection scheme that has achieved successes in fighting poverty worldwide. A large literature has sprung up around these programmes, yet the relationship between cash transfer programmes and the nutritional status of recipient children is unclear. Can...

July 2012

Impact Evaluation of Cash, Food Vouchers, and Food Transfers among Colombian Refugees and Poor Ecuadorians in Carchi and Sucumbíos


This report is the final impact evaluation of the World Food Programme’s Food, Cash, and Voucher intervention and contains analysis on outcomes including food security, social capital, anemia, and gender issues. Due to the targeting of Colombian refuges and poor Ecuadorians in Northern Ecuador, it also...


CCT Programmes and Women’s Empowerment in Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador


Latin America’s efforts to alleviate poverty have resulted in reducing poverty in twelve countries, most strikingly in Mexico and Brazil. The adoption of Cash Transfer programmes in much of the region is credited with helping to bring this reduction about. These programmes are widely promoted as a cost...