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The most useful tools, reports, guidance and research related to cash and voucher assistance in humanitarian response. As well as the CALP's own publications, we link to other useful resources. You can submit your own resource for publication on the CALP Network library here.

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Mareya Ibrahim, a cash transfer beneficiary, is able to buy groceries.

The changing landscape of cash preparedness: Time to adjust

Blog Post

When drought strikes, we’d all like to see money flowing seamlessly, at the push of a button, from donors, through the system and onto communities in crisis. As we call for change, we need to understand what is possible and the hills that still need to be climbed.

4 October 2022

هذه ليست مناورة: النقد والتنقل البشري

Blog Post

في هذه المدونة، تقدم باولا جيل بايزان ثلاث مناظير جديدة يمكننا من خلالها مشاهدة التنقل البشري. توضح كيف تتقاطع هذه المناظير مع المساعدات النقدية والقسائم مع التركيز...

3 October 2022

This is not a drill: Cash and human mobility

Blog Post

In this blog Paula Gil Baizan presents three new lenses through which we can view human mobility. She outlines how these lenses intersect with Cash and Voucher Assistance with a particular focus on the Americas.

26 September 2022

Esto no es un simulacro: la asistencia en efectivo y la movilidad humana 

Blog Post

En este blog, Paula Gil Baizan presenta tres nuevos lentes a través de las cuales podemos ver la movilidad humana. Expone cómo estos lentes se cruzan con los programas de transferencias monetarias, con un enfoque particular en las Américas.  

26 September 2022