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Las herramientas, informes, directrices y estudios más útiles en relación con los programas de transferencias monetarias. También ofrecemos enlaces a otros recursos interesantes aparte de las publicaciones de CaLP. Aquí pueden enviar recursos para su publicación en la biblioteca de CaLP.

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CaLP Team 2019.

Seven years of Cash and Voucher Assistance: Parting words of wisdom from two amazing CaLPies

Blog Post

Cash and Voucher Assistance has changed dramatically over the past seven years. Nathalie Klein, CaLP’s Regional Representative for West Africa, and Sophie Tholstrup, CaLP’s Policy Coordinator have recently left the organisation after seven and three years respectively. But before saying their...

15 abril 2021

Adapting Humanitarian Cash Assistance in Times of COVID-19: Experiences and learning from Jordan


This report examines how cash and voucher actors rapidly adapted to the COVID-19 pandemic in Jordan to reduce transmission risks, ensure delivery of benefits, maintain communication and accountability with refugee populations and meet increasing levels of need. The national response to limit the spread of...

12 abril 2021

مواءمة المساعدة النقدية الإنسانية في أوقات كوفيد19 :التجارب والتعلم من الأردن


يبحث هذا التقرير في كيفية تكيف الجهات الفاعلة في مجال النقد والقسائم بسرعة مع جائحة كوفيد-19 في الأردن للحد من مخاطر الانتقال ، وضمان تقديم الفوائد ، والحفاظ على التواصل...

12 abril 2021

Money Matters: A toolkit for caseworkers to support adult and adolescent clients with basic money management

Guidelines and Tools

This tool is for use when child protection case management clients receive cash and voucher assistance as part of their child protection case management response. This tool sets out guidance for caseworkers that have previously had case management training. It will help caseworkers to support their...

9 abril 2021

CVA for Health Outcomes: Learnings from Jordan, Burkina Faso and Bangladesh

Webinar recording

Watch the recording here How can Cash and Voucher Assistance (CVA) support the goal of improved health outcomes in conditions of extreme poverty and vulnerability?   During this webinar, we shared learning from three programmes that used cash and vouchers to  improve access to and utilization...

8 abril 2021

Asistencia en efectivo y cupones (AEC): Su papel como coordinador/a de VBG

Guía y herramientas

La Oficina Humanitaria del UNFPA y el Área de Responsabilidad de VBG han elaborado las presentes directrices sobre «AEC: su papel como Coordinadora de VBG» para los responsables de los grupos de coordinación de VBG y los socios en contextos humanitarios. Su finalidad es esbozar las formas prácticas...

6 abril 2021

Hoja de orientación sobre Asistencia Humanitaria en Efectivo y Cupones (AEC) del UNFPA: AEC y COVID-19

Guía y herramientas

Las mujeres y niñas afectadas por la pandemia de COVID-19 en contextos de crisis y desplazamientos podrían verse expuestas a mayores riesgos de violencia de género (VBG) y a mayores barreras financieras para acceder a atención y servicios de salud sexual y reproductiva (SSR). La AEC puede abordar...

6 abril 2021

City of Amman, Jordan

Cash in a COVID-19 crisis: Adapting approaches to assisting Jordan-based refugees

Blog Post

How did cash actors delivering assistance to refugees in Jordan adapt to the COVID-19 crisis? What were the main challenges and did cash actors overcome these? Here to tell us more is André Dürr, an independent consultant specialising in cash transfers who recently carried out a study for CaLP.

5 abril 2021

Cash transfers for transport to health centres and malnutrition treatment centres


The NGO HELP (Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe) has been active in Burkina Faso’s Sahel region since 2008 and has successfully carried out interventions to strengthen the health system and fight malnutrition.  In 2018, HELP obtained funding from ECHO for a project to fight acute malnutrition in Sebba health...

30 marzo 2021

Health and Nutrition Vouchers for Marginalized Urban Extreme Poor in Bangladesh


The urban poor in Bangladesh face many complex health needs, including a high prevalence of non-communicable diseases, with insufficient access to health care, and high out of pocket payments. High user fees and distance to travel are further barriers to accessing services and are a major reason why...

30 marzo 2021