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Informe de Evaluación Rápida de Mercados Honduras


Este documento presenta una Evaluación Rápida de los Mercados basado en una versión adaptada y participativa de la metodología RAM de IFRC. El RAM por sus siglas en inglés (Rapid Assessment for Markets) está diseñado para proporcionar una comprensión básica y rápida de la capacidad de los...

4 February 2021

2020 Cash and Voucher Programming (CVP): Roadmap and milestone achieved


In 2020, World Vision has implemented cash and voucher programming like never before – not least due to the COVID-19 pandemic and related social protection transfer scale-ups. From 2019 to 2020, we have seen a 28 % increase of our cash, voucher based programming, moving towards enabling affected...

22 January 2021

إنشاء فريق عمل بين مجموعة عمل النقد والكتلة الفرعية للعنف القائم على النوع الاجتماعي دراسة حالة من شمال غرب سوريا


دراسة الحالة هذه أُعدت بواسطة مساهمات اثنتين من قادة مجموعة عمل المساعدات النقدية وقادة الكتلة الفرعية للعنف القائم على النوع الاجتماعي للعمليات عبر الحدود من تركيا...

8 January 2021

Integración de los programas de transferencias monetarias, la igualdad de género y la violencia basada en género en los planes de respuesta humanitaria


El estudio de caso fue creado con los insumos del Grupo de Trabajo Regional de Transferencias Monetarias, con apoyo del CashCap, y la punta focal regional en la respuesta Humanitarian de Venezuela de ON Mujeres. El estudio de caso demuestra un ejemplo significativo de la integración de género y PTM a...

6 January 2021

CCI COVID-19 Impacts on Prices and Markets in Iraq


The COVID-19 crisis in Iraq has caused severe economic disruptions in Iraq that will affect vulnerable households the most. The Cash Consortium for Iraq (CCI) has two streams of ongoing data collection on prices and markets, monitoring the retailer and the consumer perspective across five governorates....

6 January 2021

Guidance Brief. How to incorporate cash and voucher assistance into a nutrition response

Guidelines and Tools

There is a growing recognition that Cash and Voucher Assistance (CVA), i.e. the provision of cash transfers and vouchers to targeted beneficiaries, can contribute to improving maternal and child nutrition by impacting on the underlying determinants
of adequate nutrition. The main purpose of this Guidance...

21 December 2020

Beware of the Crocodile: Quantitative Evidence how Universal Old Age Grants distort the Social Assistance Systems of Low-Income Countries

Policy paper

This paper compares two approaches to establishing or improving social assistance systems in low and lower-middle income countries. Taking Eswatini and Lesotho as examples of the mainstream approach, it provides quantitative evidence on the social protection outcomes of social assistance systems that are...

19 December 2020

Gender Equality and Gender-Based Violence Risk Mitigation in Cash and Voucher Assistance: Vanuatu Case study


The case study was created with the inputs of Oxfam Vanuatu and UNFPA Vanuatu. It demonstrates the meaningful connection of cash and voucher assistance and gender at a response level. Vanuatu is one of the world’s most remote locations and particularly vulnerable to cyclones and other natural hazards....

16 December 2020

Perception survey of aid recipients in Somalia


Before the first case of COVID-19 was officially confirmed on 16 March 2020, Somalia was in a state of emergency resulting from the worst locust infestation in 25 years. With food supplies already under threat, the infestation was exacerbated by heavy floods, which not only displaced half a million...

15 December 2020

3.1 Scénario pratique : Coordination des transferts monétaires multisectoriels


Ce scénario s'adresse aux décideurs stratégiques des agences d'aide et aux autres apprenants intéressés par la pratique des compétences en transferts monétaires. Cela devrait vous prendre environ 1 à 2 heures.

8 December 2020 / Français