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ورقة نصائح تنسيق النقد

إرشادات وأدوات

تحدد هذه الورقة الإرشادية أفضل الممارسات المعمول بها، والتوجيهات والموارد الرئيسية لجميع جوانب التنسيق النقدي، والمقصود منها أن تكون دليلاً واضحًا ومتاحًا وموجهًا...

2 June 2020

Introduction to Market Based Programming in Emergency WASH


1 June 2020 / Online / English

مقدمة إلى تصميم البرامج القائمة على الأسس السوقية في مجالي المياه والإصحاح البيئي في حالات الطوارىء

ندوة عبر الإنتنرنت

1 June 2020 / Online / العربية

أهمية العمل على التزامات الصفقة الكُبرى للتركيز بطريقة ذات مغزى على النوع الاجتماعي في المساعدات النقدية والقسائم ضمن الاستجابات لجائحة فيروس كورونا المستجد (كوفيد-19)

Guideline and tools

اجتمع القادة العالميين ووكالات الأمم المتحدة ووكالات العمل الإنساني في العام 2016 بهدف تحسين فعالية وكفاءة العمل الإنساني. وقد أفضى هذا الاجتماع إلى 51 التزامًا يُطلق...

26 May 2020

Cash-for-Health Standard Operating Procedures Medair Jordan

Guidelines and Tools

In November 2015, Medair initiated a cash-for-health (C4H) programme in Jordan as a way for vulnerable Syrian refugees to overcome the financial barriers to accessing healthcare in Jordan. A set of standards to deliver C4H has been developed based on past programme experience and this document...

19 May 2020

Readiness Checklist for Cash Working Groups in light of COVID-19 Response

Guidelines and Tools

This checklist is designed to assist CWGs adjust their plans and prepare to play an enhanced role in coordination of CVA in the context of increasing (and in some cases unprecedented) needs and limitations of COVID-19. Responses should, as ever, be context specific. We suggest that CWGs consider the...

19 May 2020

Multi-purpose Cash Assistance in Lebanon – Impact evaluation on the well-being of Syrian refugees


The two year study assessed the impact of MPC on the well-being of over 11,000 Syrian refugee households living in the Bekaa, North and Mount Lebanon. The study finds that most of the impact of MPC materializes in the long term (over 12 months), while limited impact materializes in the short term. The...

7 May 2020

Sectoral Analysis Activities and Risk Mapping

Guidelines and Tools

This resource maps the risks, activities and impact of delivering Multi-Purpose Cash (MPC) assistance in the current COVID-19 response.

3 May 2020

Position Paper: Humanitarian Access for CVA Delivery

Guidelines and Tools

This position paper is intended to advocate for exemptions to movement restrictions for stakeholders involved in the delivery of humanitarian cash assistance in response to COVID-19 crisis. It includes advocacy messages from cash working groups (CWG), inter-cluster coordination groups (ICCG) and the...

3 May 2020

Public health and social measures for Covid19 prepardness and response in low capcity and humanitarian context

Guidelines and Tools

May 2020