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Payment Solutions for CVA Implementers

This report explores how CVA implementers can leverage developments in payment technology to empower recipients, offering them a choice of CVA delivery mechanisms.

31 January 2024 — By Rory Crew, Arnav Khurana, Abigail Komu, Usman Raja

We explore how FinTech advancements, particularly payment aggregators, can be leveraged to empower recipients with a choice over how they receive Cash and Voucher Assistance (CVA).

The humanitarian space has begun implementing the choice model, having adopted it from the Government-to-person and social protection spaces. Empowering recipients with choice reduces costs and improves the quality of CVA interventions.

Global payment aggregators allow CVA implementing organizations to deliver choice at scale. In this report we outline the benefits and challenges that aggregators present.

We also categorize payment companies and introduce the concept of layering, that an implementing organization will need to work with several different types of payment companies to ensure a seamless flow of funds.

We then explain a blended approach, that large implementing organizations need to have links to several payment aggregators in addition to direct links to last mile Financial Service Providers to be able to deliver cash to people in multiple countries.