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Meeting minutes

Event Report: The feasibility of a route-based approach with CVA: The case of Guatemala

20 February 2024 — By CALP Network

In 2022, CALP recognized the importance of human mobility and CVA and invited its network to contribute to the evidence and debate. CALP conducted the study People are on the move: Can the world of CVA keep up? Analysis of the use of CVA in the context of human mobility in the Americas examined the use of CVA with people on the move. It also conducted several online exchanges on human mobility and CVA with stakeholders in the Americas and globally. In September 2023, it launched a second study, Mapping a Route-Based Approach to CVA: Feasibility in select contexts in the Americas, which tests some of the main findings of the previous study.

Following on to the findings of both studies, CALP and its network held an event on November 16 and 17 of 2023 in Guatemala City, Guatemala, for participants to explore the three scenarios included in the second study published in September 2023.