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Cash or Vouchers? Or just good implementation? What aid recipients in Kaga-Bandoro want

July 2023 — By Ground Truth Solutions

In April 2023, GTS met with people who had received cash and voucher assistance (CVA) in Kaga-Bandoro.

Through in-depth individual interviews and focus group discussions at the Lazare camp for internally displaced persons (IDPs) and in the Abdallah neighbourhood, GTS sought to uncover the preferred methods of receiving assistance and the underlying factors that influence these preferences.

In each location, GTS conducted 10 interviews and two focus group discussions, one with men and one with women. After completion of the interviews, GTS facilitated a workshop in Kaga-Bandoro, with the support of OCHA’s sub-office, to discuss the findings with CVA practitioners operating in the area. The dialogue helped to gain a deeper understanding of the context and provided an opportunity to exchange views on good practices as well as the roadblocks practitioners face in improving people’s experience with CVA.