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CALP Technical Advisory Group (TAG) Representative

Deadline: 28 April 2024

Salary: Voluntary - no salary

Organisation: CALP Network

CALP is looking for new Technical Advisory Group (TAG) Representatives. Apply by Sunday 28 April.  

We are looking for new Representatives (Reps) to join the TAG in 2024 to help shape and steer the CALP Network’s technical and policy priorities.  

We would particularly welcome applications for this recruitment round from a) colleagues from local and national organisations and b) colleagues with a CVA policy background. 

About the TAG 

The TAG operates both as a standalone group and through a number of Working Groups (which are open to TAG Reps and to non-TAG CALP members). The TAG, with inputs from the broader network and the CALP staff team, is responsible for defining which WGs should be established.  

The TAG is supported by the CALP TAG focal point with TAG Representatives taking part in and leading Working Groups within their areas of expertise. The TAG regularly updates the CALP Board on its work and can be tasked by the Board with specific issues.  

Currently we have around 20 TAG Reps and are looking to increase the group.  

The TAG functions in line with its TORs. All work of the TAG is voluntary.  

TAG Rep commit a minimum of half a day a month to undertake work for the TAG and Working Groups. Within this time allocation, TAG Representatives:  

  • Attend four quarterly virtual meetings. TAG Representatives are expected to attend all meetings.  
  • Review and provide feedback on key technical and policy products.  
  • Review background documentation to prepare and provide advice on key decisions and processes, including prioritisation of work across the network, solutions to network-wide issues and connection and complementarity with other actors and networks.  
  • Help define thematic priorities for the network, including defining which WGs should be established.  
  • Actively share information on planned inter-organisational initiatives and support outreach and collaboration, to enable coordination and harmonisation within the network.  
  • Lead and/or actively participate in at least one Working Group each year.  
  • Actively engage other colleagues in CALP’s technical and policy work. This includes encouraging colleagues to join WGs and facilitating engagement between regional colleagues and CALP regional staff. 

Applying to be part of the TAG 

Applications to join the TAG are judged on both organisational and individual criteria. Full details can be found in section IV. of the TORs 

To apply to join the TAG you must be working with an organisation that is currently a member of CALP or be an individual expert who is a member of CALP. 

Each CALP Member organisation can only have one TAG Representative at a time.  

If your organisation is not a CALP Member, you may apply for membership at the same time as you apply for the TAG. Find out more here.

We are committed to ensuring diversity and encourage applicants from diverse backgrounds to apply.   

To apply 

Complete the application form and submit with your CV to Rose Smith, Membership Coordinator at 

Closing date 

The closing date for applications is Sunday 28 April.  

Applications will be reviewed and final decisions made at the 05 June 2024 Board meeting, with a view to confirming new TAG Reps in time for them to attend the next TAG meeting (late August).  


Cash 101: Cash and Voucher Assistance Explained

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