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Policy paper

USAID Procurement Executive’s Bulletin 2014-06

June 2014 — By USAID

This Bulletin applies to USAID’s Acquisition Workforce consisting of Contracting Officers (COs), Agreement Officers (AOs), Negotiators, CO/AO Representatives (CORs/AORs), and Activity Managers worldwide.

The purpose of this bulletin is to provide guidance to the Acquisition Workforce on promoting electronic payments under contracts, grants and cooperative agreements. This PEB replaces PEB 12-05 – Hortatory Language for Introduction of Mobile Money – Better Than Cash (BTC) Initiative.

Because electronic payments have become so widespread and have shown good returns on investment, USAID has determined that electronic payment systems are a sound and preferred business practice, and that in comparison cash payment systems may increase cost and risk. Therefore, electronic payment systems must be the default method of payment under all awards.