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Uneven Market Speeds: Exploring the potential for cash programming after the earthquake

September 2023 — By Turkish Red Crescent, International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies , World Food Programme

The Kahramanmaraş earthquake had a devastating impact on Türkiye’s South-East Anatolia region. In an area within Türkiye already reported as economically vulnerable, the earthquake severely impacted people’s livelihoods, as well as the resilience of markets through the destruction of essential infrastructure, transportation systems, supply chains and storage facilities.

This market assessment aims to shed some light on the extent to which these markets resilience and accessibility were affected by the disaster and its aftermath in some of the areas worst affected by the earthquake within the two months following the disastrous event. Considering that the earthquake affected different locations, and thus markets at different scales, this assessment approaches the analysis from a geographical lens.

The overall objective of the assessment is to guide programme teams in identifying the districts that have the potential for cash-based interventions to provide affected households with greater choice and autonomy to meet their needs, as well as to help stimulate local demand and support the recovery of the local economy.