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Research gaps in cash transfer programming

2014 — By Lois Austin

Gathering evidence through action research is one of the ways that the CALP Network aims to improve cash transfer programming (CTP) implementation and raise awareness about CTP and its use as an appropriate and effective mechanism for emergency response.

Before defining potential research topics for 2014, the CALP Network commissioned a study in order to:

  • better understand what action and evidence based research is currently available
  • identify who the key research actors are and how research findings and recommendations are used, shared, and research impact monitored
  • identify and prioritise gaps in action research

The CALP Network intends to share the findings of this study with NGOs, think tanks, private sector agents, research bodies, donors and academic institutions planning research into CTP. The aim would be to ensure that decisions made regarding research topics are well informed and consider the wider research environment within CTP. The CALP Network will also use the findings of this study to inform its own priority research and advocacy strategies.

The key findings are presented around the main lines of enquiry followed in this study:

  • The CTP research context
  • Key research actors
  • Current gaps in CTP research
  • Addressing the gaps
  • Research utilisation and impact
  • Research dissemination

This research was commissioned in October 2013 by the the CALP Network, with the generous support of the Government of Canada’s Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development (DFATD).

You can download and read the document here.