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Policy paper

Provisional Impact of Repeat MPCA on Meeting Basic Needs and Supporting Food Security in North-West Syria

10 March 2021 — By GOAL

In the North-West Syria response, cash assistance is mostly once-off or else for a maximum of 3 months. GOAL Syria is delivering a large-scale value voucher or food kit response to support food security needs. However, needs assessment repeatedly show that households have high non-food needs along with food needs.

As a result, GOAL Syria incorporated Multi-Purpose Cash Assistance (MPCA) alongside its value voucher/food kit assistance to cover the cost of the Non-Food Item portion of households monthly survival needs. The MPCA is provided to household’s for 6 months- something that is quite new to the North-West Syria response.

This learning brief demonstrates some of the initial impact findings of the repeat MPCA. It demonstrates the impact that MPCA has on elevating food security outcomes, reducing negative coping strategies and supporting a household’s ability to flexible plan resources to maximise the value of assistance.