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Pre-crisis Assessment of Monsoon Flooding in Bangladesh

28 September 2023 — By Kazi Shahidur Rahman, Vlad Sorin Cozma

Shifting the focus from response to anticipation of monsoon floods, the Office of the UN Resident Coordinator (RCO) and Humanitarian Coordination Task Team (HCTT) with support from NORCAP/CashCap implemented a pre-crisis survey to understand at-risk people’s perceptions and preparations for monsoon flooding and help define a unified intersectoral cash+ approach for Anticipatory action and response in Bangladesh.

The Pre-Crises Assessment of Monsoon Flooding in Bangladesh presents the collective accountability to the affected population in Bangladesh of the Humanitarian Coordination Task Team (HCTT) members to improve their coordinated action in anticipatory action and response based on the perceptions and preferences of people at risk.

The pre-crisis assessment highlights the importance of a comprehensive approach to flood resilience in Bangladesh. Strengthening early warning systems, enhancing community engagement, and investing in resilience infrastructure and livelihood diversification will empower at-risk peoples to withstand and recover from monsoon floods more effectively. By implementing the survey’s recommendations, anticipatory action and response efforts can be more timely, targeted, responsive, and inclusive, leading to improved outcomes for vulnerable communities and their well-being during flood events. The report provides valuable insights into the risk perception, preparedness, and coping capacity of at-risk households. The findings underscore the resilience of communities in flood-prone areas and highlight the importance of early warning systems, community engagement, and anticipatory action with the cash+ approach to enhance flood management and resilience.