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Practitioners’ Guide to the Household Economy Approach

2008 — By Tanya Boudreau, Mark Lawrence, Penny Holzmann, Michael O’Donnell, Lesley Adams, Julius Holt, Laura Hammond, Arabella Duffield

This guide is aimed at those carrying out household economy approach (HEA) assessments, and is intended to serve as both a refresher guide for experienced practitioners and a set of reference reading materials to accompany formal trainings for new practitioners.

The Practitioners’ Guide is presented as a series of chapters; the expectation is not that this guide will be read cover to cover, but rather that individual chapters will be used as ‘modules’, each self contained and specific to a particular aspect of HEA. This is not meant to be used as a ‘do-it-yourself’ guide for those with no exposure to HEA. Nevertheless, each subject is presented in clear, logical steps that should – in conjunction with formal training – enable fairly quick uptake for relative new-comers to HEA.