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Paving Pathways to Self-Reliance in Iraq: Exploring Referral Pathways from Cash to Livelihoods Assistance to increase program participants’ resilience in conflict-affected areas of Iraq

February 2022 — By Marie Boulinaud, Philippa Young

This piece of research was commissioned to explore and identify best practices for referral pathways from MPCA to livelihoods assistance for programme participants, and subsequently to generate recommendations for programme implementers and donors. The research focused on the operational models used by CLCI partners NRC and DRC in the past for referring socio-economically vulnerable households from MPCA to livelihoods assistance, and the perceptions of past programme participants. These two elements were examined by means of a desk review of 30 key programme and research documents, 23 key informant interviews with CLCI staff, UN agency staff, coordination structure representatives, and donors, and a perception survey of 31 past programme participants in Anbar and Ninewa governorates (21 female and 11 male interviewees).