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Organizational Cash Readiness Tool (OCRT)

This set of tools and documents guides practitioners through a process of strengthening their organization's capacity and readiness for cash and voucher assistance (CVA).

November 2017 — By CALP Network

CALP Network developed the Organizational Cash Readiness Tool (OCRT) to assist organizations in developing readiness and capacity for delivering cash and voucher assistance (CVA). An organization can use the OCRT to take a snapshot of its current CVA readiness, and then use that assessment to develop plans to address shortcomings. This typically means going through a facilitated three-to-six-month process of getting familiar with the tool, gathering evidence for scoring each indicator, deciding on the final scores, forming recommendations, and developing action plans to increase organizational readiness for CVA.

On this page you are able to download the process Guide, the OCRT Instructions and the OCRT Tools itself. Also available for download is a PDF of some case studies from those who have used the tool.

To learn more, please watch this short video to give you an introduction about the tool.

For further information, in 2020, CALP delivered 3 webinars on the tool.

  1. Organizational Cash Readiness Tool (OCRT): Webinar 1 – The Orientation
  2. Organizational Cash Readiness Tool (OCRT): Webinar 2 – A Deeper Look at the Tool
  3. Organizational Cash Readiness Tool (OCRT): Webinar 3 – A Deeper Look at the MENA Context

We would love to hear your experience of using this tool, please reach out to to tell us about your experience.