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Multipurpose Cash Outcome Indicators – Final Draft for Testing

2019 — By Grand Bargain Cash Workstream

Multipurpose Cash Outcome Indicators – Final Draft for Testing

Multipurpose cash (MPC) is a type of assistance intended to enable people to meet their basic needs through local markets as they see fit. The purpose of this document is to streamline reporting and provide more consistent and comparable field-level monitoring of MPC.

The indicators in this document focus on the primary objectives of humanitarian MPC, and the outcomes to which it can most strongly contribute. It comprises a core minimum group of indicators that have a sufficient level of familiarity and acceptance across humanitarian stakeholders – and, for sectoral indicators, across sector clusters and experts. This document does not seek to capture all potential outcomes (positive or negative) of MPC. Nor does it attempt to attribute outcomes to MPC alone.

There are two categories of indicators in this document:

· Cross-cutting indicators. These include one required outcome indicator; multiple process indicators (of which one is required); and two recommended qualitative questions as well as additional outcome indicators that would benefit from further testing.

· Sectoral indicators. At least one indicator from each of three sectors is required. These sectors should be selected based upon the identified needs and people’s priorities – using MEB/transfer value categories or amounts may be helpful. Additional sectoral indicators may be selected as relevant.

This is the final draft for testing, and implementing agencies and donors are encouraged to adopt and apply these indicators on the ground. The sub-workstream of the Grand Bargain Cash Workstream, which developed this document, will coordinate the collection of feedback on their use, to inform the review and revision of the indicators in mid-2020.

If you’d like to let us know about project(s) where you’re using the indicators, and possibly provide feedback on your experience of using them, you can use the Google Form through the link below. This information, including your contact information, will only be accessible to and used by the group facilitators (advisors at CRS, USAID/OFDA and the CALP Network) for contacting you about your experiences using the MPC Outcome Indicators. If you no longer want to share your info, we will delete it at any time.