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Joint Market Assessment Report

10 July 2023 — By Cash Based Interventions Technical Working Group

This report assesses the feasibility of implementing Cash and Voucher Assistance (CVA), specifically Multipurpose Cash Assistance (MPCA), to support individuals impacted by the recent earthquake. The evaluation focuses on the availability of items, price increases, access to shops, and acceptance of cash and credit cards in the affected areas.

The market assessment reveals that essential items remain relatively available despite localized challenges caused by the earthquake. While price increases have occurred, they have primarily affected non-essential goods, while essential commodities have remained stable. Most shops have resumed operations, indicating reasonable accessibility for affected individuals. Cash remains widely accepted, making it a suitable payment method for CVA, although credit card acceptance is limited.

Overall, the analysis suggests that implementing MPCA as part of Cash and Voucher Assistance is feasible in the earthquake-affected areas. The market assessment provides an optimistic outlook, indicating that CVA can effectively support the impacted population. Although there is an optimistic outlook for the feasibility of CVA in the earthquake-affected areas, it is important to note that cash partners are advised to conduct their own in-depth analysis in the specific area of focus and with their targeted community. This ensures that CVA aligns with the unique needs and circumstances of the affected population and helps achieve the desired project outcomes. It is crucial not to oversimplify and generalize the conclusion of cash feasibility, as there may be specific variations and nuances in different areas.