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Cash Assistance in Times of COVID-19 / Findings from the Post-distribution Monitoring (PDM) Survey (Round 10)

31 March 2021 — By Turkish Red Crescent

The Emergency Social Safety Net (ESSN) is currently the largest cash assistance programme under the KIZILAYKART Platform. It has reached more than 1.7 million refugees with monthly cash stipends to help refugees cover their basic needs while giving them full agency with the freedom of choice.
The Post Distribution Monitoring (PDM) surveys are important tools to assess the utilization and the impact of distributed cash assistance on households. The worldwide COVID-19 pandemic is forcing living conditions economically and socially. PDMs track both the programme impact and also provide evidence-backed results to donors and the implementing partners. In the context of the ESSN Programme, this report aims to give a comprehensive overview about the socio-economic conditions of the target group by specifically referring to reduced Coping Strategy Index (rCSI), Livelihood Coping Strategy Index (LCSI), Food Consumption Score (FCS), debt, the minimum expenditure basket (MEB) as well as a series of economic indicators which are primary sources used for the assessment.