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Cash 101: Cash and Voucher Assistance Explained

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Basic Needs and Food Security Sector COVID-19 Emergency Response Standards for Non-camp Refugee Response

2021 — By Basic Needs Working Group (BNWG) Jordan

The Basic Needs Working Group (BNWG), made up of more than 30 humanitarian organizations and agencies, has put into action its model for emergency response which encourages coordination of assistance, shares best practices, and provides a collaborative response. The COVID Response Task Force kicked off on March 24 with and is developing a sector response using a recognized model for coordination. The goal is efficient and effective and transparent management and distribution of funds, to ensure maximum coverage of vulnerable families without duplication of effort. The CRTF agrees to utilize the following products and systems for a coordination response: Identification and eligibility through an agreed model of scoring that creates a single beneficiary list; coordination of a standard ‘safety net package’; and prevention of duplication through a RAIS Coordination Module.
With the number of cases of corona virus increasing in Jordan, the Government has imposed strict measures to restrict movements within the country. This has disrupted the formal and informal labour market. The majority of PoCs whether formally employed on an hourly or seasonal basis, or in the informal economy have seen the elimination of their livelihood without any of the social safety net on offer to Jordanians.
The most recent UNHCR survey on the Syrian population identified 78% living below the poverty line within the existing livelihood opportunities1. With restrictions to movement /employment, refugees will be hit the hardest. More than 85,000 families of all nationalities have been identified as living below the GoJ poverty line. Approximately 44,000 are currently receiving some form of basic needs assistance.


Cash 101: Cash and Voucher Assistance Explained

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