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ASP Working Group Development Tools – GIZ Social Protection Programme Indonesia

2020 — By GIZ Social Protection Programme Indonesia

This tool was developed to support the development of a roadmap for Adaptive Social Protection (ASP) in Indonesia.
The goal of the “Gap Analysis” is to help governments and partners understand how far the current situation, that is current efforts in the context of ASP, aligns or diverges from the desired ideal future situation for an established ASP system. The notion of a future desirable situation for ASP can relate to different time horizons and thus provides a broad spectrum for the analysis.
The gap analysis is conducted for each of the ASP ‘building blocks’: (1) institutional arrangements and partnerships; (2) programmes and their delivery systems; (3) data and information; and (4) finance. Within each building block, the analysis focuses on specific ‘change domains’, i.e., areas in which change is considered necessary to establish a comprehensive ASP system.