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This page is a space to share and learn about ongoing and planned CVA research. If you are undertaking CVA related research, you can submit details and information will usually go live within 48 hours.


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Improving the efficiency and effectiveness of humanitarian cash assistance

Ongoing research

While the case for cash for immediate food needs is well established, its potential to simultaneously support longer-term outcomes has not yet been harnessed. IRC is conducting a small-scale pilot in Yemen to test 6 months of monthly transfers against 2 months of assistance, a lumpsum transfer equivalent...

Generating evidence on the effect of cash relief on local markets

Ongoing research

While the case for CVA for beneficiary outcomes is established, there is little evidence on the impacts of CVA on markets. The BHA-funded study will generate evidence to promote programming to supports the improved functioning of market systems. It will establish indicators to measure vendor health,...

Pro-Jeunes: Boosting (self)employment for youth in Ivory Coast and the impact of socio-emotional skills training, information, and norms

Ongoing research

With the World Bank African Gender Innovation Lab, IRC will provide business and employment services to 10,000 disadvantaged youth over 5 years. The goal is to estimate the impact of 2 variations of foundational skills training and combinations. One curriculum focuses on strengthening communication and...

Financial Integration in Displacement (FIND)

Ongoing research

With Tufts University, IRC will fill gaps in information of experiences and financial strategies refugees use to stabilize their lives in different stages of displacement, especially how financial lives are managed and how people cope and/or integrate into local economies after 2-4 years. The study will...

Designing the most effective bundle of services to help clients achieve economic wellbeing outcomes

Ongoing research

With Georgetown University’s Initiative on Innovation, Development and Evaluation, the IRC is conducting an RCT in Kenya to answer key questions on what type of services work for refugees and other vulnerable populations in humanitarian settings – in what specific combination – to best support...

Gender equality and social inclusion (GESI) in social protection responses to COVID-19

Ongoing research

The Social Protection Approaches to COVID-19: Expert Advice service (SPACE) includes providing evidence-based technical support to integrate gender equality and social inclusion (GESI) in social protection responses to COVID-19. Our on-going work includes a focus on GBV, disability-inclusion, digital...

UNFPA with Johns Hopkins University – Expanding the Evidence Base on Cash, Protection, GBV and Health in Humanitarian Settings

Ongoing research

UNFPA with support from the Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health will explore the role of cash and voucher assistance in contributing to gender-based violence response, sexual and reproductive health access and protection for women and girls in humanitarian settings. The research...

Impact evaluation of MPC on Shelter and WASH outcomes

Ongoing research

The research will explore the impact of combinations of cash and service assistance on WASH and Shelter outcomes for Syrian refugees in Lebanon. Using a mixed-method approach, the study aims to identify the optimal combinations of assistance to achieve WASH and Shelter outcomes and ultimately contribute...

Leveraging Cash and Voucher Assistance for Gender and Gender-Based Violence Outcomes in the Middle East Region

Ongoing research

WRC and CARE with support from SDC are partnering to: develop an e-training based on the Cash & Voucher Assistance and Gender-Based Violence Compendium to complement existing in-person curricula and expand access and uptake among field-level practitioners; conduct training in three MENA countries; and...

Institute of Development Studies

Ongoing research

BASIC (better assistance in crises) research is a 3.5 year FCDO funded programme. It aims to inform policy and programming on how to help poor and vulnerable people cope better with crises and meet their basic needs through more effective social assistance in contexts of recurrent shocks, climate crises,...