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This page is a space to share and learn about ongoing and planned CVA research. If you are undertaking CVA related research, you can submit details and information will usually go live within 48 hours.


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Financial Services in the Uganda Refugee Response: An Assessment of User Perspectives

Ongoing research

U-Learn, with support from the Uganda CWG, is conducting a Deep Dive assessment looking at user perspectives on financial services and assistance mechanisms. It will provide actors with robust information on how financial services and assistance are currently being used, what challenges exist to accessing...

Financial Inclusion and Digital Connectivity in Refugee Governance

Ongoing research

This three year research project asks how digital technologies and cash assistance are changing humanitarian aid to migrants and refugees in Jordan, Lebanon, Greece and the UK. We focus on communication, cash and identity and we are particularly interested how displaced people and communities...

DigCBA: Responsible Use of Digital Cash-based Assistance in Refugee Crises

Ongoing research

DigCBA aims to support the selection and the use of the most feasible and suitable digital technology for delivering CBA in the refugee crisis. The DigCBA’s objective is to develop a set of evidence-based frameworks to assess the contextual characteristics, evaluate the readiness of actors, and...

Global Payment Solutions research

Ongoing research

The IFRC will conduct a study on Global Payment Solutions which aims to understand the the wide range of financial services from traditional payment mechanisms (e.g., banks, remittance, mobile money) to new services being offered by the fintech industry (crypto, cross-border payments) to address the...

A research study on how multi-purpose cash beneficiaries with different vulnerability profiles spend income and access vulnerability related services

Ongoing research

CAMEALEON, in collaboration with Exigo, will conduct research on how Syrian refugee households receiving multi-purpose cash with specific vulnerabilities, such as families with disabilities, spend their monthly income, cope with expenditure gaps, and access services. Findings will allow humanitarian...


Call for information on Cash for Seed Security interventions

Ongoing research

Are you aware of any interventions where cash transfers have been used to allow farmers to purchase seed, or to enhance seed access, availability, or quality? We are keen to hear about any types of emergency, recovery or resilience projects, however big or small, that have included any elements related to...

Improving the efficiency and effectiveness of humanitarian cash assistance

Ongoing research

While the case for cash for immediate food needs is well established, its potential to simultaneously support longer-term outcomes has not yet been harnessed. IRC is conducting a small-scale pilot in Yemen to test 6 months of monthly transfers against 2 months of assistance, a lumpsum transfer equivalent...

Pro-Jeunes: Boosting (self)employment for youth in Ivory Coast and the impact of socio-emotional skills training, information, and norms

Ongoing research

With the World Bank African Gender Innovation Lab, IRC will provide business and employment services to 10,000 disadvantaged youth over 5 years. The goal is to estimate the impact of 2 variations of foundational skills training and combinations. One curriculum focuses on strengthening communication and...