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IDEAL’s KSS Culmination Event: Taking the Learning on HDP Coherence Forward

28 September 2022


Since USAID’s release of Programming Considerations for Humanitarian-Development-Peace (HDP) Coherence: A Note of USAID’s Implementing Partners, IDEAL’s Knowledge Sharing Series (KSS) on HDP Coherence has been convening humanitarian and resilience practitioners in 13 sessions that started in June 2022. In this 2-hour culmination event, IDEAL invites the community, once more, to look back on the key takeaways gleaned from the sessions and identify ways to apply the learning moving forward.

First, guest speakers will draw out key takeaways from the four thematic areas in the 2022 Humanitarian-Development-Peace Coherence Knowledge Sharing Series. Each panelist will discuss a different thematic area from the series. Panelists include:

– Norma Toussaint, Food Security & Learning Senior Advisor, IDEAL/Mercy Corps
– Greg Makabila, Deputy Chief of Party (MEAL), “Ifaa” Resilience Food Security Activity, Catholic Relief Services, Ethiopia
– Jim Flock, Chief of Party, USAID Resilience Learning Activity, ACDI/VOCA East Africa
– Saeqah Kabir, Former Director of Knowledge Management, Research, Learning and Communications, “Nobo Jatra” Resilience Food Security Activity, World Vision Bangladesh

Then, participants will be invited into small groups to discuss with peers on how they might apply the learning and make a difference in HDP coherence in their own roles or capacities. Participants can choose to join one of the following breakout rooms:

Group 1: Locally Led HDP Coherence
Group 2: Data & Analytics for HDP Coherence
Group 3: Organizing Internally and Collaborating for HDP Coherence
Group 4: Sequencing, Layering, and Integrating Humanitarian, Development, and Peace Assistance

Finally, participants will build on the breakouts by engaging in a discussion with IDEAL and USAID to further discuss next steps in our collective learning journey to strengthen HDP coherence.

This event will be in English with French interpretation.