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Financial and Digital Inclusion for People on the Move, Hybrid Panel Session HNPW

8 May 2024

Hybrid Session Panel at HNPW

Socio economic instability, conflict and the climate crisis are displacing millions of people around the world, forced to travel and cross borders in search of safety, stability, prosperity and hope. Cash and Voucher Assistance (CVA) is an enabler that opens closed doors and brings new opportunities for financial and digital literacy to those most vulnerable as well as improving access to financial services as one of the main pillars of a sustainable economic future beyond survival.

Objective of the session:

Speakers from Colombia, Ukraine, NW Syria from NGO, iNGO and private sector Subject Matter Experts and audience will share their experience, perspectives.

  • Learn about the financial inclusion experience of those that had to leave their homes in search of safety and economic stability.
  • See how people on the move secure their access to financial services, what barriers they overcame, what challenges they faced.
  • Talk to the private sector, to those financial service providers (FSP), that engage with people on the move as their clients to also understand the policy environment, their constraints and their efforts to provide suitable services to their new clients.