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CALP Members Event 2024

11 June 2024


Reminder: this event starts at 1:00 pm UTC (9:00am New York/ 1:00pm Dakar/ 2:00pm London/ 3:00pm Geneva/ 4:00pm Amman).


CALP became a membership organisation in 2016, primarily made up of international NGOs. Since then, CALP’s membership has grown and significantly diversified, with the fastest growing segments of members representing private sector actors (providers of financial and technology-based services) and local NGOs.

In 2020, CALP changed its strategy to operate as a network to accelerate the growth of CVA, while also addressing the increasing complexities related to increasing CVA quality and scale for crisis-affected populations. CALP members, as well as the wider network of non-members, became ever more important to engage and collaborate with across CALP’s work.

CALP members are invited to an online event to connect with each other and the CALP team, discuss and feed into CALP’s strategic direction and learn more about how to engage in their areas of interest.

Event Aims

This 90 minute online event aims to: 

  • Inspire members on the power of collective action.  
  • Promote engagement and action around CALP’s strategic direction and ensure member engagement is maximized to shape the way forward.  
  • Provide an inclusive space for members to connect with one another.  


  • Welcome and introductions  
  • Keynote address by David Peppiatt, Director of the Cash Hub at British Red Cross 
  • Presentation on CALP’s strategic direction 
  • World café discussions around key strategic area:
    • Increasing CVA volume 
    • Increasing CVA quality 
    • Influencing humanitarian systems change 
  • Plenary discussion of ‘where next? And how?’  
  • Wrap up and closing 

Keynote Speaker

David Peppiatt

David is the Director of the Cash Hub at British Red Cross, where he is leading a global programme to support the use and scale-up of humanitarian cash assistance within the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement. Prior to this, David was International Director at the British Red Cross, responsible for humanitarian operations, programmes  and partnerships with Red Cross/Red Crescent National Societies.  He joined British RC in 1996 and has worked in various roles in London, Geneva and deployed overseas on international disaster response.  He was also the Head of the ProVention Secretariat in Geneva, managing a global partnership on disaster reduction with the World Bank, UN and IFRC.   David began his career in international aid in 1991 as a volunteer worker in DR Congo.

David holds a BA (Hons) from University of Birmingham, MSc in Humanitarian Practices from the Centre of Development & Emergency Practices, Oxford Brookes University and the Refugee Studies Programme at Queen Elizabeth House, University of Oxford.

Date and time

Tuesday, June 11th, starting at 1:00 pm UTC (9:00am EST/ 2:00pm BST/ 4:00pm EAT).


This event will be conducted in English with simultaneous French interpretation.

Audience and Registration

This is a members-only meeting, and it is by invitation only. If you belong to a member organisation and would like to participate, please contact Rose Smith at