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CALP CVA Climate & Environment CoP (Americas Friendly Time)

16 January 2024

CVA, Environment and Climate Change Community of Practice 2024 webinar series

 January 16th at 2pm UK (9am EST/3pm CET/5pm Nairobi) 

The global impacts of climate change and environmental degradation are real and pose a huge immediate and long-term threat.  Multiple ongoing and complex crises underline the fact that climate change is, and will likely remain, the main challenge confronting the humanitarian system. Urgent transformation is needed!

The Cash and Voucher Assistance (CVA), Environment, and Climate Change Community of Practice (CoP), chaired by the CALP Network, is relaunching in January 2024. We’ll be hosting a series of meetings/webinars (in English) throughout the year showcasing the potential role of CVA in addressing climate change and environmental degradation.

The dedicated chapter on environmental consideration in the CALP State of the World’s Cash 2023 report outlines a framework for exploring the potential roles of CVA throughout the disaster risk and humanitarian response cycle. It also summarizes existing evidence and looks at key gaps and questions, with some recommendations on next steps. Notable areas of focus include how organisations can mitigate the environmental impacts of their activities, and how CVA can be used to respond to, prepare for and adapt to climate and environment-based crises, including through anticipatory action and strengthening links with social protection systems.

This first webinar will focus on mitigation of the impacts of CVA on the climate and environment. It will feature different perspectives on greening humanitarian action and measuring the environmental footprint of CVA, including research analysing the carbon footprint of MEBs. Presentations and discussion will identify opportunities and challenges, exploring how humanitarian practitioners can be more proactive in planning and implementing programming that is effective in meeting the needs of recipients, while contributing to the fight against environmental losses and climate change.

Introducing the CoP and summary presentation of SOWC main findings on CVA and climate:

  • Ruth McCormack, CALP technical advisor (co-lead on CVA, climate and environment)
  • Céline Sinitzky Billard, CALP technical advisor (co-lead on CVA, climate and environment)

Presentations by:

  • Jesse McCommon, Humanitarian Advisory Group, Leader and/or Sam Quinn, Humanitarian Advisory Group, Researcher [presenting findings from HAG’s latest research on greening the humanitarian system]
  • Camille Evain, Action Contre la Faim (ACF)– CCD, Head of Environment & Climate Unit [presenting findings of ACF’s analysis of the carbon footprint of MEBs)]


  • UNEP
  • More TBC