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Cash Week 2018: Networking, Learning, Visioning

Cash Week 2018 was a series of events that took place in London from 15-19 October 2018, to advance issues, reflect and prepare for the future of cash and voucher assistance (CVA).

15-19 October 2018

London, UK


This week of events provided opportunities for:

  • Networking and collaboration beyond the usual suspects, and an opportunity to hear from the CALP Network’s Technical Advisory Group and Board;
  • Learning more about some of the key topics in cash, advancing crucial debates around tracking cash and delivering digital payments responsibly;
  • Visioning the future of financial assistance to meet humanitarian needs.

Cash Week built on progress since the CALP Network’s State of the World’s Cash report and the Grand Bargain Cash Workstream meetings. Through a combination of public, member only and invite only workshops and discussions, Cash Week 2018 provided a space to strengthen synergies between members, foster new connections, and collectively shape the future.