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A guide to Cash and Voucher Assistance at Humanitarian Networks and Partnership Week

24 January 2020 — By Alice Golay

Don’t miss any of the sessions on cash and voucher assistance during the Humanitarian Networks and Partnership Week, which takes place in Geneva from 3 to 7 February 2020.

On Monday 3 February, dive into the week with a session from the CALP Network on the Future of Financial Assistance: Supporting people-centred planning for the future. The key findings from the CALP Network and IARAN’s report will be discussed, looking at how people in crisis might access cash assistance and other financial flows under different scenarios, what this means for the ways in which we plan and deliver today, and the challenges we face tomorrow. This is from 11:00-12:30 with the CALP Network,  ACAPS, GSMA and Ground Truth Solutions.

This is followed by the Geneva-based Cash Working Group from 16:00-17:30, with a review of 2019, plans for 2020 and many updates, co-chaired by the CALP Network and OCHA.

Also from 16:00-17:30 a session on Data Sharing, Data Ethics, and Data Trusts will take place, exploring considerations to keep the rights and preferences of affected populations at the centre of humanitarian work, and concrete options for collaboration and interoperability. The CALP Network will sit on the panel of this World Vision-led session.

On Wednesday 5 February, participate in Cash at Scale: Ensuring Localization in a Growing Cash Agenda, from 14:00-15:30 co-led by Oxfam, PDRRN, and SDC. This session will seek to answer questions such as: how does the increase of CVA impact the localization agenda? And, what opportunities does CVA bring to support and strengthen the role of partners and local actors? This session takes place under the ‘Grand Bargain Cash sub-workstream on Local Partnerships’ for better cross-fertilization between the Localization and Cash workstreams.

On Thursday 6 February, go to the Supporting cash-based programming globally by effective informing the CWGs to hear from Cash Working Groups globally on the gaps for informing cash-based interventions in their respective countries, conduct a review of available tools and practices to fill these gaps, and discuss next steps. This is taking place from 9:00-10:30 and is organised by REACH. That same day, a session on Cash and/or carry: The challenges and modalities of delivering aid in conflict zone, will take place from 14:00-14:30, led by the HUM LOG Institute and the Hanken School of Economics. Here they will present their project to develop a conceptual framework for selecting effective delivery modalities for humanitarian aid in conflict zones.

To close the week, on Friday 7 February, the session on Collaboration Modelling will see a presentation by the Collaborative Cash Delivery Network (CCD) on a product it has developed with Pivotal Labs. The product casts the basis to understand how to minimise frictions between actors and create a strong and transparent way to decide how we will organise collaborations, initially for cash and voucher programming. This will take place from 10:00-10:30 with Save the Children, World Vision, Catholic Relief Services and Pivotal Labs.

Don’t miss out on the many exciting sessions on other topics as well, and on the opportunity to meet with peers and friendly faces. Don’t forget to register for the week here!

If you’d like to continue the cash conversations after hours we’ll be at Qafe Guidoline from 6pm on Monday for an informal ‘cash happy hour’ – stop by and catch up with colleagues!