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Food or Cash or Vouchers? New report on U.S. food assistance monitoring and evaluation suggests “All of the above”

Blog Post

In this special blog Jenny Coneff, the CALP Network's North America Focal Point, reflects on the main findings of the GAO report.

7 October 2016

Cash is the answer to change the global aid system

Blog Post

A variety of studies show that recipients of cash not only use the assistance to meet immediate needs (food, shelter, health, schooling) but they also use it to invest in businesses. Cash is not only a dignified way of helping people in need get back on their feet, it incentivises and supports...

19 September 2016

Documenting learning from cash transfer programming in the Ebola context

Blog Post

The CALP Network in West Africa is launching a new Cash and Ebola project that aims to optimize the use of CTP in future crises by documenting, analyzing and providing recommendations from the use of CTP in the Ebola Crisis.

23 August 2016

Cash Transfers in Remote Emergency Programming: Focus on risk mitigation

Blog Post

Humanitarian agencies increasingly deliver cash in locations with significant access constraints. Roger Dean, NRC’s Remote Cash Project lead, answers questions about how cash transfers can be used as an effective modality of response in such contexts.

1 August 2016

Introducing the ELAN Data Starter Kit

Blog Post

Electronic cash transfers (e-transfers) often necessitate the transfer of personal data, some of which is sensitive, between humanitarian and private sector actors, such as financial service providers (FSPs). As use of e-transfers increases, having strong data management and protection practices in place...

14 June 2016

Future of NGOs: Smaller, more specialised, and more efficient

Blog Post

The WHS was far from a revolution. Yet the unprecedented place occupied by cash at the WHS shows the ball is rolling. Nigel Timmins, Oxfam International’s Humanitarian Director, reflects on what underlies our attitudes and how NGOs will need to focus on a set of core activities that reflect their...

1 June 2016

World Economic Forum, MasterCard and GSMA Commit to Lead Initiatives on Scaling-up Humanitarian Payments in Emergency Situations

Blog Post

The World Economic Forum, MasterCard and the GSMA join together at the World Humanitarian Summit, held this week in Istanbul on 23-24 May, to commit to lead initiatives that will improve the way people receive humanitarian assistance in the form of diverse payments following a crisis.

23 May 2016

Responding to Diverse Needs: Multipurpose Cash Grants

Blog Post

The growing use of cash transfers across a wide range of sectors provides opportunities for a paradigm shift to a more dignified, holistic approach to humanitarian assistance. Learn how UNHCR, in coordination with partners such as Oxfam, Save the Children, and the IRC, are using multipurpose cash grants...

4 April 2016

Oxfam distribution in East Ghouta

E-Vouchers for Syrian Refugees in Turkey: Challenges and lessons learned around vulnerability, targeting, and protection

Blog Post

There are more than 2.5 million Syrian refugees living in Turkey. The vast majority of these individuals have settled in cities, not camps, and therefore receive minimal or no humanitarian assistance to help meet their basic needs. In response to this gap, the Danish Refugee Council (DRC) in Turkey...

4 April 2016

The Use of Cash Transfer for Livelihoods: Considerations and lessons learned

Blog Post

As the use of cash transfer programming increases, questions of how it can be used both to meet short-term relief needs and to contribute to recovery and longer-term development become more pertinent. In particular, the use of cash transfers to meet livelihoods objectives can be a highly effective means...

31 March 2016