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تقرير حالة المساعدات النقدية في العالم 2023

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تستضيف شبكة CALP عبر مراكزها الإقليمية الستة فعاليات منتظمة لجمع الجهات الفاعلة من جميع أنحاء شبكتنا وخارجها، ودفع النقاش بشأن مساعدات النقد والقسائم.

جميع الفعاليات

التصنيف حسب

نتائج 261 من 272 – 272

Introducing the Cash Coordination Tip Sheet


The CALP Network has developed a tipsheet setting out established best practice and key guidance and resources for all aspects of cash coordination, intended as a clear, accessible and action-oriented guide for those engaged in coordination of cash and voucher assistance at the field level.

14 نوفمبر 2019 / English

Operational Models: Accountability to affected people


13 نوفمبر 2019 / English

Oxfam in

MEAL in Emerging Operational Models


29 أكتوبر 2019 / English

Webinar: Data sharing in CVA: ethics, ownership and privacy


16 أكتوبر 2019 / English

Webinar: Help shape the Future of Financial Assistance report


This webinar presented the scenarios and key issues arising from the CALP Network and IARAN's analysis and invited participants' input, ahead of the publication of the Future of Financial Assistance report

29 يوليو 2019 / English

Highlights from Bioforce Institute Graduation Event in Dakar


On Thursday 13th June 2019 the CALP Network was part of a graduation event hosted by the Bioforce Institute, one of our training partner organisations. This event celebrated the graduation of all the Bioforce students that followed the CALP Network’s CVA fundamentals course, which was delivered by our...

13 يونيو 2019 / Dakar, Senegal / English

Webinar: Asia-Pacific Regional CWG & the CALP Network Webinar on Beneficiary Data Protection in Asia


On March 7, 2019 the CALP Network and the Asia-Pacific Regional Cash Working Group hosted a webinar on beneficiary data protection in Asia. Panelists from within Asia shared experiences on steps they've taken to practice responsible data management and ways you could get started at your own organization.

7 مارس 2019 / English

Cash Week 2018: Networking, Learning, Visioning


Cash Week 2018 was a series of events that took place in London from 15-19 October 2018, to advance issues, reflect and prepare for the future of cash and voucher assistance (CVA).

15 أكتوبر 2018 / London, UK / English

Communicating about Cash and Voucher Assistance: Workshop for Communications Staff


2 أكتوبر 2018 / English

The CALP Network East Africa Members Consultative Discussion


27 فبراير 2018 / Nairobi, Kenya / English

State of the World’s Cash Report Launch Events


25 يناير 2018 / English

Global Cash Forum


28 يونيو 2017 / English

تقرير حالة المساعدات النقدية في العالم 2023

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