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تقرير حالة المساعدات النقدية في العالم 2023

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شرق وجنوب أفريقيا

تدعم شبكة CALP التنسيق وتوفر التدريب والدعم الفني للأعضاء والمنظمات الأخرى التي تنفذ أو تفكر في المساعدة النقدية والقسائم في شرق وجنوب إفريقيا. يوجد المكتب الإقليمي لشبكة CALP في المجلس النرويجي للاجئين في نيروبي ، كينيا.

نتائج 1 من 20 – 2986

Joint Market Assessment Round 2


This report assesses the feasibility of implementing Cash and Voucher Assistance (CVA), specifically Multipurpose Cash Assistance (MPCA), to support individuals impacted by the February 6 earthquakes. The evaluation focuses on the acceptance of various forms of cash modalities, availability of key items,...

21 نوفمبر 2023

Dr. Anas Alkaddour


Dr. Anas Al Kaddour brings over 24 years of extensive experience in agriculture, food security, livelihoods, and early recovery sectors, humanitarian assistance programming and coordination, with a strong track record of bridging research and development initiatives and managing emergency operations. Dr....

Chiara Genovese


Chiara has worked as Cash Advisor at Mercy Corps in Lebanon since September 2023. She supports the delivery of multi-purpose cash assistance to poor and vulnerable Lebanese families that fall through the cracks of the social safety nets. Previously, Chiara worked in CAMEALEON for five years, conducting...

Maria Pia Ferrari


Meircan Han


Noanne Laida


تقرير حالة المساعدات النقدية في العالم 2023

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