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لا تمتلك شبكة CALP حاليًا مكتبًا في آسيا ولكنها تستكشف فرصًا لإعادة فتح مكتب في المنطقة. في غضون ذلك، وبالاعتماد على مهارات وخبرات أعضاء الفريق في جميع أنحاء العالم، تواصل شبكة CALP تقديم بعض فعاليات التدريب والتعلم.

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Umoja builds blockchain-enabled payments infrastructure purpose-built for the informal economy. Our technology aggregates formal banking networks with informal payment channels like mobile money and makes them interoperable, transforming how money moves in the hardest to reach communities on Earth.

Cash, Environment and Climate Change by ECHO – CALP Network


16 نوفمبر 2022

Dr. Miriam Opwonya Laker  


Miriam is the Global Director of Research at GiveDirectly and a Senior Research Scientist and Epidemiologist with nearly two decades of experience conducting research.  Amongst her extensive experience, she led the design of the evaluation plans for GiveDirectly’s recently launched Yemen Refugees...