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Food Security and Cash and Voucher Assistance

A brief introduction as to how Cash and Voucher Assistance (CVA) can support food security outcomes. For the most up to date information please visit the Food Security Cluster Cash and Market Working Group web page.

Food security responses in major emergencies require a strong, coordinated humanitarian response, ensuring that crisis-affected populations can access sufficient, healthy and appropriate quantities of food in a safe, dignified and sustainable manner. Where markets and the financial sector are functioning, CVA has proven to be an effective tool in achieving these outcomes, having been used in the food security sector since the 1990s. Cash and vouchers empower people with choice to address their essential needs in local markets, and findings show that vulnerable households who can make their own decisions, make choices that improve their food security and wellbeing. Cash transfers also have multiplier effects on the local economy. By enabling people to purchase food and other items locally, cash can help strengthen local markets, encourage smallholders to be more productive, and build national capacities.

Food Security ClusterTo get involved or find out more, the Food Security Cluster Cash and Market Working Group facilitates and supports the mainstreaming of CVA and other Market Based Approaches in the food security sector.


Credit: Joy Obuya/Oxfam
Catherine Nabulon from Abulon, Turkana, has benefitted from the Hunger Safety Net Programme E-wallet, a government-led unconditional cash transfer programme in northern Kenya. Joy Obuya/Oxfam