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As multipurpose cash disrupts traditional divisions of responsibility in the sector-based humanitarian sector, disagreements remain around how cash and voucher assistance (CVA) should be coordinated.


Effective coordination can prevent gaps and overlaps in humanitarian responses, ensure the impact of CVA is optimised for the benefit of crisis affected populations, whilst also making the most of limited humanitarian funding. But the CALP Network’s State of the World’s Cash report found that cash coordination is seen as weak and ad hoc, and that this is having serious operational impact. 

Ninety-five donors, international and national NGOs, private sector actors and one UN agency have called for clarity on two key issues surrounding cash coordination: 

  • Who should be accountable for ensuring effective cash coordination, and 
  • What the scope of Cash Working Groups should be, including in relation to multipurpose cash. 

We urgently need to build on what works and provide clarity at the global level on the questions above, whilst adapting to different contexts. Clear decisions based on the impact on affected populations rather than agency politics are long overdue. 

Current priorities

We aim to contribute to progress on this issue on three levels: supporting Cash Working Groups at the regional level; contributing to practical solutions for cash coordination at the global level; and convening evidence-based discussion on the key issues, highlighting critical decision points and opportunities for progress. 


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CaLP Network in MENA, following a consultative process, established 4 CVA communities of practice with thematic focus and one being the CVA & Localization Community Of Practice (LCOP) in December 2021. This regional space brings together donors, UN agencies, INGOs, local actors, and other stakeholders to...